Release date: 09/07/2022

A new seed production garden designed to safeguard Kangaroo Island’s endangered flora from extinction will be officially opened today.

The Threatened Flora Seed Production Garden will grow the Island’s at-risk species before collecting the seed for banking and biodiversity recovery projects.

The garden was established in response to the 2019/20 fires by a partnership between the SA Seed Conservation Centre, the Nature Conservation Society of SA and environmental charity, Bio R.

Environmental philanthropists David and Penny Paton donated the 5000 square metre animal proof enclosure for the garden within the Cygnet Park Sanctuary.

The garden, which will be officially opened by the Deputy Premier Susan Close today, will enable landholders and community organisations to access rare and threatened plant species following fires, droughts and floods.

It is also expected to be used as an education hub where researchers, school students and eco-tourists can learn about the Island’s plants and the importance of conservation and biodiversity.

A Friends Group is also being established to assist with the ongoing running of the garden where more than 60 local plant species will be grown.


Attributable to Susan Close

This new garden is an innovative way to protect Kangaroo Island’s unique threatened flora.

This will enable the partners and volunteers to germinate and propagate plants from the seed bank collection.

This will act as an insurance policy against future extinctions that could occur through climate change impacts such as fire, drought and flood.