South Australians elected the Malinauskas Government to govern for the benefit of future generations.

The choices we make today will define our individual and collective prosperity into the future. My government is committed to working with all South Australians, and our economic partners, to evolve our approach to economic development. This statement, and the formation of the Economic Development Board, is an important step in that journey.

Our purpose is clear: we promised to govern for the future, not just for the next four years. We must position South Australia to thrive in a turbulent global environment—with decarbonisation, geopolitical uncertainty, new technologies and disrupted supply chains all
set to have lasting impacts on how and what we produce. We cannot rest on our laurels or on past deeds, but must instead turn our focus to forging a new role in the global economy.

We will know we have succeeded when we export more of our knowledge and services, while adding greater value to what we dig up and grow out of the ground. When our industries are sustainable and powered by renewable energy, ensuring their competitiveness across the world. When more South Australians are in meaningful and skilled work, and are paid fairly for their contribution.

When all South Australians feel the benefits of our strong economy, we’ll know we got it right.