We are at a defining moment in South Australia’s history.

The decisions we make today will have a profound impact on our state, not just tomorrow but for generations to come.

I am determined to lead a government which will make the big decisions now to set our state up for the long term.

That’s why we are delivering our record investment in a better health system – more beds, more nurses, more doctors, more ambos and more ambulance stations.

We are implementing our comprehensive plan for education – from three-year-old pre-school through to technical colleges, fee-free TAFE courses and a nation-leading combined university.

We are building a nation-leading Hydrogen Power Plant to harness our global leadership in renewable energy and seize the opportunities of green hydrogen as a fuel source not just for South Australia, but for the world.

We all know South Australia is already a great state, but together we can deliver an even better future for generations to come.

Peter Malinauskas MP
Premier of South Australia