Release date: 18/12/23

Oliver and Isla have once again reigned supreme as the most popular baby names in South Australia for boys and girls for the third year running.

An indicative list of the most popular names in the state this year has revealed that Isla was the top choice for South Australian girls for the third year in a row, with 102 baby girls being given the name.

Oliver topped the list for baby boys for an incredible eleventh year in a row with 147 baby boys registered.

Charlotte remained in second position for the third year in a row with Olivia and Ava creeping up the list to #3 and #4 up from #6 and #12 in 2022.

The top 10 names for girls in South Australia this year were:
Isla (102), Charlotte (88), Olivia (72), Ava (68), Ivy (68), Grace (60), Amelia (59), Harper (59), Hazel (59) and Mia (58).

The top 10 names for boys in South Australia this year were:
Oliver (147), Leo (101), Henry (94), Noah (85), Luca (80), Theodore (75), Elijah (71), Charlie (69), William (67) and Archie (63).

South Australians have 60 days to register the names of their newborns and the final list of the top 100 names will be published online once it has been tallied early next year.


Attributable to Andrea Michaels

Classic names rarely go out of style and this year, we’ve seen traditional names like Isla, Oliver, Charlotte, Ava and Henry remain popular among South Australian parents.

My own son is a Charlie so it’s nice to see it remains in the top 10.

I look forward to seeing if Isla and Oliver can once again reign supreme in 2024 for the fourth year or if there’s a dark horse that might knock them off top spot.