Release date: 05/07/2022

Life-saving medical equipment will soon be on its way to Ukraine to support local hospitals and health care workers – with a very special message from abroad.

A total of 70 MRx defibrillators, which have been used by our ambos to save thousands of South Australian lives, are set to be flown to Ukraine over the coming weeks, featuring hand-drawn messages of love and support from children of South Australia’s Ukrainian communities.

SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) has organised the vital donation, with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to deliver each box of urgent aid amid a desperate need in Ukraine for medical equipment during the conflict.

The heart-starting defibrillators will be deployed to field hospitals, enabling health workers to deliver a shock to patients experiencing cardiac arrest to induce a normal heart rhythm – and potentially save hundreds of lives.

The dual heart monitoring devices will be shipped to Ukraine in batches, along with rechargeable batteries, and have recently been decommissioned and replaced in our ambulances by new Corpuls defibrillators across all SAAS fleet.

All MRx units donated have been tagged and tested to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide much-needed care to the people of Ukraine.

This donation follows the Malinauskas Government sending five pallets of medical supplies to Ukraine to provide emergency support to thousands of wounded civilians.

Our commitment has also led to a ban on State Government investment in Russian assets and advocating for more Ukrainian refugees to resettle in South Australia


Attributable to Chris Picton

South Australia stands firmly with Ukraine, its people and everybody supporting them during this unparalleled crisis.

For every minute that someone is in cardiac arrest and is not receiving CPR or an AED shock, their chance of survival drops significantly.

The rapid response by SAAS, the ADF, Device Technologies and the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations has made this life-saving donation achievable. I thank them all for their incredible efforts to help support our Ukrainian friends.

South Australia, з вами! (Translation: South Australia is with You, Ukraine).