Release date: 07/07/2022

Australian Community Media reviewed gender ratios in councils in its regional South Australian newspapers and online circulation areas and found the scales were tipped towards men.

Currently out of South Australia’s 68 councils, 37% of mayors and 21% of CEOs are female, with only 10% of councils having both a female mayor and CEO.

Nominating to become a councillor is an opportunity to contribute to positive outcomes in local communities. Council elections are the biggest voluntary civic participation activity in the state with nearly 400,000 people voting in the 2018 council elections.

Minister for Local Government Geoff Brock MP is encouraging greater diversity through Local Government and says people from all walks of life, genders, backgrounds and cultures will more accurately represent the makeup of our society.

The close of electoral role for the 2022 Local Government Election is Friday 29 July and nominations for council open on Tuesday 23 August.
For more information on how to nominate for election to your local council and enrolling to vote, visit


Attributable to Geoff Brock MP

Before entering the South Australian Parliament, I had the great privilege to serve as a councillor and then mayor of my local council, Port Pirie Regional Council, and it was one of the most rewarding periods of my life.

Councillors have a direct say on issues that impact their local community’s everyday lives and I encourage every eligible South Australian to get involved in this year’s Local Government elections, either by nominating as a candidate or making sure you’re enrolled to vote before the close of the Voters’ Roll on 29 July 2022.

Importantly, our local councils can only be strengthened by greater diversity in our elected officials, including a greater gender balance and increased representation of people who reflect our multicultural, age diverse, inclusive communities, so that council decisions made on behalf of their communities more accurately reflect the communities they serve.

Attributable to Katrine Hildyard MP

It is incredibly important that governing bodies are genuinely representative of the communities they are in. When we have diversity in decision making, better decisions that more accurately reflect community need and aspiration are made.

I encourage any woman who is passionate about their community to nominate for the upcoming local government elections.

Seeing women in elected positions will only further motivate future generations of women to themselves run for public office or to put themselves forward to participate in our economy and community in whichever way they choose.