Release date: 25/05/2022

The Malinauskas Labor Government is making it safer for CBD students to walk to school with the installation of a 25km school zone on Gilles Street – delivering on its election commitment.

Previously motorists could travel 50kmh in front of Gilles Street Primary School and Pulteney Grammar School, which sees hundreds of students, parents and carers gather during school drop off and pick up times each weekday.

The new school zone will be in action to slow traffic down to 25kmh in front of the schools when children are present.

In the lead up to the State Election the now Member for Adelaide Lucy Hood campaigned with the local school community to secure the zone.

Works by the Adelaide City Council have now commenced, and the zone will be operational once zig zag line marking is complete, weather permitting.


Attributable to Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Tom Koutsantonis

There was little to no signage along Gilles Street that warn motorists they are entering a school zone and no requirement for them to reduce their speed from 50km to 25kmh during school hours.

When Lucy Hood raised this issue, it was clear it just doesn’t make sense - that we needed to address this quickly.

Attributable to Member for Adelaide Lucy Hood

Earlier this year there was a near miss in front of Gilles Street Primary – a mother and her child were almost hit by a car that failed to stop and ran through a red light at the pedestrian crossing.

Something that unfortunately took place too many times along this stretch.

50km in front of two busy schools is just not ok. Together, we have made our streets safer for students.

Thanks to the City of Adelaide for helping to implement my election commitment in such a timely manner.

Attributable to Adelaide City Council Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor

The new 25kmh speed limit on Gilles Street will make it safer and easier for students and their families during busy pick up and drop off times.

We want to see more families and children living in our city and ensure our city streets are safe.