Release date: 05/05/2022

More than three million dollars in historic unclaimed bonds has been returned to their rightful owners, as Consumer and Business Services (CBS) continues to step up efforts to return the money.

In January, CBS introduced a new system to assist tenants wishing to access their bond money that had remained unclaimed.

Since the start of the year, more than 1700 applications to return unclaimed bonds had been approved. This equates to three million dollars – or, on average, more than $207,000 each week – going back into peoples’ pockets.

There are a number of reasons why bond money can go unclaimed – people may have provided incorrect banking details, or failed to provide a forwarding address.

To check for an outstanding unclaimed bond, visit In order to reclaim the bond, consumers just enter the details of their tenancy, including the street address of the property, their full name and contact details.


Attributable to Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs Andrea Michaels

At a time when South Australians are facing unprecedented cost of living pressures, every dollar counts – which is why I’m pleased to see CBS take action to ensure this money is being returned to its rightful owners.

They’ve made it easier for people to check whether they are indeed owed money and lodge a claim.

For those who feel they may still be owed money, I’d urge them to visit the CBS website to see if they are entitled to a bond refund.