Release date: 21/06/2022

More than 350,000 South Australians work in the state’s $45 billion small business sector, however they have done it tough over the past two years with COVID-19 driving consumers online, increasing costs and disrupting supply chains.

With restrictions lifted and vaccination rates increasing, the Malinauskas Labor Government is backing-in small businesses with a campaign highlighting just how critical they are to our economy, and how important it is for each and every one of us to support them.

The Support Small Business campaign highlights that spending local allows your dollar to go further because these businesses support workers, suppliers and families across South Australia.

Small businesses represent 98 per cent of all businesses in the state and almost 40 per cent of our workforce. As we emerge from the pandemic, these same small businesses will play a critical factor in ensuring our economy remains resilient and South Australians stay in jobs.

Many small businesses are also family operations, providing work to generations of South Australians and producing a range of iconic goods and services. These businesses are integral to the engine room that is our state’s economy, but the pandemic has markedly changed consumer habits, for example with more of us shopping online and fewer eating out than before COVID.

The government is urging South Australians to prioritise shopping in store at the local gift shop rather than ordering from online and overseas, head out for a freshly brewed coffee, take a long lunch or book an experience.


Attributable to Andrea Michaels

Small but important decisions by all South Australians will help deliver big results for these businesses and will help the state bounce back.

More than 145,000 small businesses play a critical role in South Australia’s economy and our society – creating jobs, supporting families and contributing to local communities.

Having been raised within a family business, and as a former small business owner myself, I’m no stranger to the joys, challenges and sheer hard work that goes into operating a business.

I know how tough the last couple of years have been on small and family businesses across the State, due to the impacts of COVID and the increased costs of doing business – which continue to make it tough on business owners and their teams.

That’s why we’ve launched this campaign to highlight the importance of local small businesses and encourage all of us to keep this in mind when making choices on where we spend our hard-earned money.
So, please go out and support small business.