Minister for Human Services

Member for Hurtle Vale

(08) 8463 6560

Postal address
GPO Box 2832
Adelaide  SA  5001

Nat Cook and husband Neil have lived in the same home in Woodcroft for close to 30 years and she is a lifetime local of the southern suburbs.

After losing their son Sam to a violent and unprovoked one-punch assault in 2008, Nat and Neil formed the Sammy D Foundation to educate youth about the consequences of violence. They hope that no other family would go through what theirs has.

Prior to being elected to the South Australian Parliament in 2014, Nat worked for nearly 30 years as a Registered Nurse, including as an After-Hours Hospital Coordinator, Retrieval, Intensive-Care Nurse and more.

Nat is honoured to hold the title of Associate Professor with the School of Nursing and Midwifery University of South Australia.

Nat is an active member of the local community and a dedicated Mum.