Now is an exciting time to be a South Australian.

There’s an air of optimism and renewed confidence in what our state can achieve under new leadership.

My government is working hard every single day to build a state that reaches its potential and delivers for you, your family and for our communities

We have a strong plan that will deliver real change.

Not just policies, but a series of measurable and achievable milestones that have been crafted for the long-term benefit for our state.

We are focussed on creating more jobs, lowering costs for families and businesses and providing better public services for you.

We want every child to grow up safe, healthy, well-educated and eager to stay in South Australia to build a career and a business because our economy is strong.

Our message to investors and emerging industries is – we’re open for business.

We are creating the conditions that encourage businesses to invest, expand and employ more people.

We are bringing a new approach to how things are done. Lower taxes, less regulation and a government that doesn’t get in the way.

My government is doing things differently, for the better.

Being open, accountable and honest – these are our promises to you.

Together, let’s make South Australia strong and respected again.

Steven Marshall
Premier of South Australia