20/09/2021 | David Pisoni MP | More Jobs

The Marshall Government has applauded the success of Rising Sun Pictures in receiving an Emmy nomination for its work on the US series The Boys and highlighted the importance of the State Government’s support for Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) work done in South Australia.

“It’s fantastic that South Australia’s Rising Sun Pictures can compete with the world’s best for PDV work and that’s why we have allocated another $22.8 million over five years to fund a 10 per cent rebate on expenditure on PDV for work undertaken in South Australia,” said Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni.

“South Australia’s screen industry is enjoying a golden age with the Marshall Government’s financial support bolstering South Australian-led productions and helping to attract footloose productions from around the world, driving new investment and local job creation.

“Rising Sun Pictures accessed the PDV Rebate for its work on The Boys and I expect the company to benefit from the additional $22.8 million we invested into the rebate scheme in the State Budget.

“The Marshall Government’s PDV Rebate will also continue to assist South Australia’s other world-class PDV companies such as Technicolor’s Mr X, KOJO, Resin and Artisan Post Group – who all delivered PDV services to Mortal Kombat – to bring high-value PDV work to Adelaide from across Australia and the fast-growing international market.”

The rewards of investment in the screen sector are plain for all to see with Mortal Kombat generating an estimated 180 jobs in PDV on top of the 535 South Australian cast and crew employed, and 808 extras engaged during production.

Since the introduction of the PDV Rebate in 2018, expenditure on post-production, digital and visual effects work undertaken each year in South Australia has more than doubled, jumping from $35 million in 17/18 to a record high of $75 million in 19/20, according to Screen Australia’s Annual Drama Report (2019-20).

Since coming to office, the Marshall Government has invested over $15 million on the rebate for Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) work done in South Australia.

Rising Sun Pictures was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Season Or A Movie, with Rising Sun Pictures VFX Supervisor Julian Hutchens named in the nomination.

Rising Sun Pictures Managing Director Tony Clark said the Post Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) incentive has been a game changer for the South Australian film industry. It has facilitated growth in the digital production sector, enabling the industry to grow to more than triple its size since its inception, through a consistent flow of projects.

“We welcome the announcement by Minister Pisoni, that the South Australian Government has extended the PDV incentive into the future,” Mr Clark said.

“This allows Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) to continue to invest in the South Australian VFX industry, delivering projects for major Hollywood studios such as Marvel, Disney, Amazon and Netflix, and to continue our education pathways with the University of South Australia for local students to realise their passion for working on film and series right here in South Australia.”

CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation Kate Croser said it was an extraordinary achievement for a South Australian company to be nominated for a prestigious Primetime Emmy Award which comes hot on the heels of SA production First Day receiving an International Emmy Kids nomination.

It also follows another significant accolade for SA’s PDV sector with Technicolor’s Mr X receiving a 2021 Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects for its work on feature film Love and Monsters.

“South Australia has a well-established VFX sector and is known globally as a PDV hub. We are proud to have such a highly skilled VFX workforce which is recognised as a key South Australian export. The flow on effect of this sector has benefits across the entire South Australian economy,” Ms Croser said.