31/07/2021 | Corey Wingard MP | Better Services

Popular tap-and-pay technology will be introduced to O-Bahn buses – and eventually to all Adelaide Metro buses and trains – after thousands of South Australians embraced the technology during a trial on Adelaide trams.

The Marshall Liberal Government began the tap-and-pay trial on trams in September 2020, allowing commuters to tap-on using their Visa, Mastercard or smart device instead of using a metroCARD or MetroTicket.

Tap-and-pay quickly became a very popular payment option, overtaking the equivalent MetroTicket validations on trams during the first month of the trial to become the fastest growing customer choice in single regular fares.

The technology will now remain on all trams, and will be available on O-Bahn buses from July next year.

“We have been thrilled to see how quickly tram commuters have embraced this new technology, with the number of tap-and-pay travellers growing each month,” Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Wingard said.

“An average of 8,077 commuters per month have tapped onto trams using their Visa, Mastercard or smart device in the past three months. This was significantly higher than the average 4,886 commuters per month that purchased paper MetroTickets during the same period.

“This enthusiastic use of tap-and-pay is despite the fact this payment method is typically used by infrequent commuters like tourists, and we have had fewer tourists recently due to COVID-19.

“It is clear that public transport users love the convenience of this payment option and so we’ll introduce it to all Adelaide Metro buses and trains, starting with O-Bahn buses from July next year.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to making public transport faster, easier, safer and more accessible to all South Australians.”

The tap-and-pay trial was part of stage one of an upgrade of the Adelaide Metro ticketing system.

This new form of payment complements the existing metroCARD and Seniors Card payment options. If you have a metroCARD or a Seniors Card, continue to use it.

When you tap-and-pay, your account will be charged for one regular metroCARD fare. Your credit/debit card is your proof of purchase and will remain valid for two hours.

Inspectors will be able to check whether or not passengers have tapped-on, but privacy will be protected with only the last four digits of the credit card visible. The inspector cannot see the rest of your credit card number, your name or any other personal details.

For more information visit www.adelaidemetro.com.au/Tickets-Fares/Tap-and-pay-on-trams