15/07/2021 | Steven Marshall MP

The State Government has today appointed Mr Adrian Tembel as the new Chair of the South Australian Productivity Commission (SAPC).

Mr Tembel replaces the inaugural SAPC Chair Dr Matthew Butlin, who had informed the Government he would not be seeking reappointment as Chair or chief executive officer.

Dr Butlin will continue temporarily as a commissioner while existing inquiries are completed.

Premier Steven Marshall, who established the SAPC shortly after becoming Premier said Mr Tembel had been in the role of SAPC Commissioner since 2018, serving in that role exceptionally well during that time.

“Adrian Tembel has served the Commission exceptionally well, bringing a breadth of experience and skills that span commerce, law, business and public policy.

“Given this wealth of knowledge and experience, he is well placed to take on the role of Chair of the Commission,” Premier Marshall said.

Adrian Tembel said he was looking forward to taking on the new role as Chair of the SAPC.

“Our State Government benefits from having a reliable source of independent evidence-based advice on how to keep improving our economic growth rates.

“Our Productivity Commission was designed to play that role and I will do all I can to ensure it fulfils that purpose,” Mr Tembel said.

Premier Marshall thanked Dr Butlin for the work he’s done since coming on board in 2018, particularly the inquires he’s overseen:

  1. Government Procurement Inquiry Stage 1
  2. Government Procurement Inquiry Stage 2
  3. Local Government Inquiry
  4. Research and Development Inquiry
  5. Health and Medical Research Inquiry

“I thank Dr Butlin for the great work he’s done as our first Chair and CE of the SAPC, overseeing five major inquires across his time in the role,” Premier Marshall said.