05/11/2021 | David Speirs MP | Better Services

South Australia is again showing its leadership in recycling and waste management with a new Global Centre of Excellence in Circular Economy – Circular360 to establish a head office in Adelaide.

This launch marks an exciting and important step for South Australia recognising the state’s position internationally as a leader in green industry development, the circular economy, recycling and resource recovery and, as the pre eminent location for training in these areas.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs made the announcement of the Centre of Excellence during a virtual presentation at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

“This centre makes South Australia the number one destination for businesses and government across the Asia-Pacific region to see the policy and practice of a circular economy in action,” Minster Speirs said.

“The Global Centre for Excellence in the Circular Economy isn’t just an idea, it’s a physical location to demonstrate what South Australia has to offer, and to incubate and innovate cutting edge projects to deliver a greener and more circular economy which is not only good for the environment but creates jobs as well.

“Lot Fourteen is the perfect location for the Global Centre for Excellence in the Circular Economy, based in the heart of the innovation hub in Adelaide’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

“The official centre launch will enable promotion to attract further membership and commercialisation of circular economy projects, investment and partnerships to Adelaide.”

Circular360 is an internationally recognised non-for-profit organisation which already has early partnerships with the United Nations Centre for Regional Development, The World Bank and the US Green Chamber of Commerce.

The Global Centre for Excellence in the Circular Economy at Lot Fourteen will be led by, Mr Hemant Chaudhary, Executive Director, Circular Economy Alliance Australia and delivered in partnership with the Marshall Liberal Government thanks to $1 million over three years.

The centre will deliver training and education on the role of the circular economy in reducing our global carbon footprint and addressing climate change through the smarter recovery, recycling and reuse of materials, with a focus on the benefits to business in becoming more circular.

“Circular360 puts South Australia light years ahead when it comes to realising the economic potential in a more circular economy,” Mr Chaudhary said.

“Circular360 will be a magnet for ideas and projects across the region. Lot Fourteen is now the only place in Australia delivering this kind of hands-on training and education.

“South Australia is now one of the leading locations internationally for students, policy makers and business leaders to see how to build a more circular economy from the ground up.”