14/07/2021 | Corey Wingard MP | Better Services

SA’s regional motorists can look forward to smoother and safer journeys with the Marshall Liberal Government investing close to $3 billion in fixing around 4,800 kilometres of roads – the equivalent distance of driving from Adelaide to Brisbane and back – and then to Melbourne.

The Marshall Government’s road and marine infrastructure investment is now topping $2.8 billion including the single largest injection of new funding in a State Budget for regional roads in South Australia’s history and supporting more than 5,300 jobs.

The 2021-22 State Budget allocated around $790 million for regional road projects, including funding for the Augusta Highway Duplication, the Truro Bypass, and various road upgrades on Kangaroo Island.

This is on top of the 2020-21 State Budget, which allocated around $908 million for infrastructure upgrades including roads, bridges and marine works, and the $1.1 billion in the 2019-20 State Budget for regional infrastructure – taking the total to $2.8 billion over the forward estimates.

Regional infrastructure projects featured prominently in the 2020-21 State Budget include:

  • Augusta Highway Duplication – Stage 2 ($180 million)
  • Truro Bypass ($202 million
  • Road Safety Package Extension ($105 million)
  • Kangaroo Island Road Upgrades ($40 million)
  • Old Murray Bridge Refurbishment ($36 million

Regional infrastructure projects featured prominently in the 2020-21 State Budget include:

  • Road safety package ($210 million)
  • Fleurieu Connections Improvements Package ($185 million)
  • Road infrastructure / shovel ready projects ($144.5 million)
  • Hahndorf Traffic Improvements ($250 million)
  • Strzelecki Track sealing ($135 million)
  • Port Bonython Jetty upgrade ($37 million)
  • South Eastern Freeway pavement upgrade ($35 million)

The 2021-22 State Budget will deliver around 550km of road related upgrades, in addition to the around 4,300km in the previous two State Budgets, which underscores the Marshall Liberal Government’s determination to save lives on regional roads and improve economic outcomes.

“Regions form the backbone of our economy and contribute around $28 billion into South Australia’s coffers every year,” Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Wingard said.

“We’re investing record amounts in our regions to fix country roads, help save lives and improve business productivity.

“Our regional roads were neglected for years by the former Labor government who refused to invest in vital road safety and regional infrastructure projects. We inherited a $750 million maintenance backlog that is being worked through.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is building what matters for South Australia with a record $17.9 billion infrastructure spend where the regions are front and centre.”

Minister Wingard said regional investment was hitting overdrive and there would be no short cuts to road maintenance on country roads under the Marshall Liberal Government.

“Infrastructure investment like the Hahndorf Traffic Improvements Project will make a huge difference.

“The main street through Hahndorf carries around 11,000 vehicles per day and approximately 600 commercial vehicles while the volume of traffic is increasing by around two per cent annually.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is also unleashing ‘economic potential’ across our regions by supporting projects including sealing the Strzelecki Track.

“The 472-kilometre Strzelecki Track is one of the most heavily used unsealed roads in the northern region and provides a vital freight link between South Australia and Queensland,” said Minister Wingard.

“We’ve heard from industry how dangerous and frustrating it can be for truck drivers using the Strzelecki Track and it’s fantastic to be delivering these much needed and long-awaited works.”