08/03/2021 | Michelle Lensink MLC

South Australia’s most inspirational and innovative women – and the community – are being encouraged to nominate for the South Australian Women’s Honour Roll, officially open today on International Women’s Day.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said the Honour Roll, which opens every two years, is a way to publicly recognise the vital contribution women make to the South Australian community.

“The State Government’s Women’s Honour Roll celebrates the diversity of women in our community and their outstanding efforts to change our state – and the nation – for the better,” said Minister Lensink.

“Historically, women’s contributions were often overlooked, but women deserve to be equal and therefore formally recognised at the highest levels alongside their male peers.

“Whether they are quiet achievers, tireless volunteers or high-profile role models, induction into the Honour Roll ensures that our state’s most inspiring women do not go unnoticed or unthanked.

“The Honour Roll is open to any woman who deserves recognition for her exceptional contributions and I urge South Australians to nominate the women they respect and admire.”

The chosen inductees will be announced in November and have their names and achievements published in the State Government’s formal Honour Roll document.

Established in 2008, to date 700 women have been recognised through the Honour Roll, including women’s rights campaigners, frontline safety workers and community volunteers.

The Honour Roll inductees are also nominated for the Australian Honours and Awards each year, in a bid to boost national recognition for their contribution.

Nominations close Friday, 25 June 2021. For more information or to submit a nomination, visit the Office for Women website at officeforwomen.sa.gov.au.

For a full list of previous inductees, please visit the Office for Women website.