22/09/2020 | Steven Marshall MP | Stephen Wade MLC

Premier Steven Marshall has appointed Dan Cregan MP as the Premier’s Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Community Resilience.

“In making the appointment, Premier Marshall said that “preventing suicide is a high priority for my Government and I look forward to Mr Cregan building on the work of the inaugural advocate, Hon John Dawkins MLC.”

Mr Cregan responded: “I’m honoured to be able to support the Premier in this role and look forward to working closely with the Premier’s Council on Suicide Prevention to reduce the number of suicides in our state.”

“Every death by suicide in South Australia is a devastating event. I have first-hand experience of the devastating impacts of suicide as my god-brother suicided as a very young man and his memory is always with me.”

Mr Cregan will also support the Premier and the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade, as part of the Marshall Liberal Government’s strong response to COVID-19, drought and bushfires.

Mr Cregan’s Hills electorate was heavily impacted by the Cudlee Creek bushfire earlier this year.

“I want to ensure that our bushfire-impacted communities continue to receive the support they need as they face new challenges, including COVID-19”, Mr Cregan said.

Minister Wade welcomed Mr Cregan’s appointment.

“Dan is passionate about reducing the rate of suicide in South Australia,” Minister Wade said.

“Given his experience working with bushfire affected communities, I look forward to working with him to nurture resilience in communities throughout the state as they deal with recent challenges and prepare for future ones.”