18/05/2020 | Michelle Lensink MLC

The State Government will establish a new taskforce to examine the current gaps in oversight and safeguarding for people living with profound disability in South Australia.

The taskforce, to be chaired by Disability Advocate Dr David Caudrey, will be formed quickly and its members will include people with lived experience.

The taskforce will make recommendations to the State Government and the NDIS.

Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink said the taskforce will be appointed immediately.

“Ann Marie Smith’s recent tragic death has highlighted significant gaps in the NDIS system and we are determined to ensure all the proper safeguards are in place to prevent such an event happening again,” said Minister Lensink.

“We expect to have the new, taskforce up and running imminently and it will swiftly make recommendations to both the State and Federal Governments.

“The safety and well-being of South Australians living with disability remains a key priority of the Government.

“We will continue to advocate for national consistency to ensure our most vulnerable are being treated with dignity, respect and care and we hope this taskforce finds some answers.”


The Community Visitor Scheme is still in place in South Australia and never had the role of visiting people in their private homes.

The CVS continues to visit people living with disability in State Government operated facilities.

The role of the CVS continues to involve and in October last year, the Marshall Liberal Government expanded the CVS role to include our most vulnerable South Australians who are under the guardianship of the Public Advocate.

The Marshall Liberal Government appointed Disability Advocate Dr David Caudrey to further assess safeguarding provisions for people with disability in SA.

Participants in the NDIS are principally protected by the Quality and Safeguarding Commission.