24/01/2020 | Corey Wingard MP | More Jobs | Better Services

The Marshall Government says more than 100 jobs will be created for South Australians in the construction industry as work gets underway on upgrading the State’s largest metropolitan prison.

The number of jobs will grow to 300 at the project’s peak.

The $149 million redevelopment project at Yatala Labour Prison includes the construction and commissioning of 270 high security beds and critical supporting infrastructure at the site.

The significant investment was announced as part of the 2018-19 State Budget and supports the Government’s commitment to improving the State’s public prison system, strengthen security and drive down the rate of reoffending.

Early works have now begun on a carpark, business centre and staff training and wellbeing centre at the site, which are estimated to be completed towards the end of 2020.

Minister for Correctional Services Corey Wingard said the redevelopment will create a number of local employment opportunities across the life of the project.

“Local construction company SARAH Construction won the tender for the early works part of the project,” Minister Wingard said.

“Already they have bought on around 20 local workers, with another 80 jobs estimated to be created at the peak of the early works project.”

A Request for Tenders for the main works has been issued, with construction set to start mid-year.

The main works will comprise the secure accommodation units, perimeter fencing, visits/admissions building and kitchen building.

“We estimate the main stage of the project will employ another 200 or so local contractors at its peak,” Minister Wingard said.

“That means more than 300 people will have been employed to work on the entire redevelopment.

“The benefits of this redevelopment are two-fold – helping to improve our State’s biggest metropolitan prison, while also employing a significant number of local contractors.”

Construction of the full redevelopment is expected to be completed in April 2022.