31/05/2018 | Rob Lucas MLC | Lower Costs

The Marshall Government is delivering on its commitment to slash ESL bills for South Australians by putting $360 million back into the pockets of householders over the next four years, with an average household set to receive a saving of more than 50 per cent or $144.85.

“Today we’re pleased to announce that we are delivering on our long-held promise to provide cost of living relief to South Australian households which endured the massive hikes to the ESL under the previous Labor administration,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“This $360 million election commitment means there will be a significant saving for the average household, with a property valued at the median price of $470,000 to receive a $144.85 saving on their ESL bill in 2018-19. In fact, the saving for this household would be even higher at $164.65 when compared to what they would have paid under a re-elected Labor Government.

“While the former Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis was last year spruiking a $3 saving on ESL bills which wouldn’t have even got you a cup of coffee, this government is providing households with significant savings on their ESL bills which will provide genuine relief to the budgets of South Australian families.

“This will make it easier for South Australians who were struggling under Labor’s high taxing administration to pay their bills, and in fact this will be a stimulus for the South Australian economy.

“It’s important to remember that the ESL funds our emergency services in South Australia, and I’m also pleased that these vital services will receive significant funding to undertake the crucial work they do to keep our community safe.”

Total expenditure on emergency services is projected to be $318.4 million in 2018-19, up from an estimated $302.9 million in 2017-18. This excludes the cost of election commitments which further increase emergency service expenditure. These costs will be funded outside of the rate setting process to remove any impact on ESL bills.

The Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee will tomorrow be provided a report in accordance with the Emergency Services Funding Act 1998, which outlines the determinations in respect of the amount that needs to be raised by means of the levy on land to fund emergency services and proposed ESL rate settings in 2018-19.

“Mr Koutsantonis will never live down his outrageous hikes to the ESL, and the Marshall Government is now delivering on our promised relief for households,” said Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“We will be reminding South Australians about Labor’s appalling record in government, and we are making good on our election commitment to put $90 million per year back into the pockets of South Australians.”