20/01/2020 | Rob Lucas MLC | Lower Costs

The State Government has today announced tax relief measures and the waiving of fees and charges for people affected by bushfires in South Australia.

Tax relief measures include:

  • Ex-gratia tax relief for the stamp duty payable on the purchase of replacement properties and motor vehicles
  • Ex-gratia relief for 2019-20 and 2020-21 land tax liabilities for those directly impacted by bushfires in South Australia
  • Putting on hold debt collection of Emergency Services Levy (ESL) debts

Fees and charges to be waived include:

  • Service SA waiving the Administration Fee for replacement drivers licences for people whose licences were lost or destroyed as a result of the bushfires
  • Owners of registered vehicles destroyed in the bushfires can apply for a refund of unexpired registration as well as other components of registration including the CTP premium, Lifetime Support Scheme Levy and Emergency Services Levy
  • The Registrar of motor vehicles also has the ability to waive the Administration Fee on the registration of replacement motor vehicles
  • Fees associated with purchasing replacement copies of births, deaths and marriages certificates for those who have had these lost or destroyed in the bushfires.

“Waiving these fees and charges is a practical way for the State Government to provide further assistance to bushfire affected communities and to help them get back on their feet,” Treasurer Rob Lucas said.

“The land tax and stamp duty relief measures are similar to those introduced by the Victorian Government, but the land tax relief measures for SA are for two years compared to one in Victoria.

“Our land tax relief for properties destroyed or substantially damaged will be full relief on 2019-20 and 2020-21 land tax liabilities, while properties affected but not destroyed or substantially damaged will receive relief on 2020-21 land tax liability on a case-by-case basis.

“In terms of stamp duty on purchase of a replacement home, there will be relief of up to $48,830 in conveyance duty. For replacement homes valued above $1 million, duty relief will be capped at $48,830 with the balance of the duty payable.

“As for motor vehicle duty, for purchase of a replacement vehicle valued below $50,000, there will be full relief from duty up to $1,940 for a passenger vehicle or $1,470 for a commercial vehicle.

“These measures come on top of the immediate relief provided by the Federal Government and State Government for people impacted by the fires, as well as small businesses and primary producers.”