19/08/2021 | John Gardner MP | Better Services

A new funding model, backed by a $3.2 million investment, will help government schools to support their students into industry endorsed Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Under the new arrangement, government schools will receive top-up funding of $300 for each student, or $600 for each eligible student with a School Card, enrolled in a VET qualification as part of a Flexible Industry Pathway (FIP).

The money will go direct to the school to support them with implementation of the VET for School Students policy.

An access fund will also be available upon application to help schools cover the costs of transport, accommodation, and other barriers to access and equity.

This funding to schools is in addition to the subsidies that the Department for Industry and Skills (DIS) provides to Registered Training Organisations (RTO) for VET qualifications in a Flexible Industry Pathway.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to re-establishing the status of Vocational Education and Training as a valued and vital pathway into a meaningful career,” said Minister for Education John Gardner.

“The extra $3.2 million will improve equity of access for students and the updated funding model gives schools greater certainty around finances so they can plan course offerings with confidence.

“Flexible Industry Pathways have been endorsed by industry to ensure that VET is directly linked to job opportunities.

“The new money and updated funding model support our goal of using VET to put more students on a meaningful pathway toward long-term employment.

“The growing industries of defence, space, digital and cyber security and community services and health in South Australia all require employees with vocational qualifications.

“It is vital that our school sector is preparing students for success in these industries.”

Schools will also receive a once-per-year payment of $300 for each eligible student with a School Card pursuing VET courses delivered outside a FIP, such as Skills Clusters through Stackable VET.