30/03/2021 | Steven Marshall MP

Identifying and implementing new initiatives to enhance the lives of Aboriginal South Australians is the foundation of the Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2021-2022 launched today.

Premier Steven Marshall said the Action Plan has a number of important areas of focus.

“The Action Plan focuses on creating opportunities for Aboriginal employment, establishing more Aboriginal owned and operated businesses and improving the quality and efficiency of service delivery to Aboriginal South Australians,” said the Premier.

“I am proud to launch this Action Plan, which is a culmination of government agencies coming together to identify and commit to 41 practical actions that reflect broad Aboriginal community aspirations and will be delivered over the next two years.”The many diverse actions highlighted in the Action Plan include:

  • Full implementation of The Circle First Nations Entrepreneur Hub
  • New initiatives to address the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system including establishing a Custody Notification Service
  • New energy concessions in remote communities
  • A new disability accommodation service model
  • A dedicated Aboriginal Emergency Department Access Team
  • Improving Aboriginal community governance through online access to community by-laws.

There will be regular updates throughout the duration of the Action Plan, with state government agencies reporting on progress to the state government and the South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council.

The Premier said the Action Plan will mark a significant step in towards reconciliation in South Australia.

“I am confident that this Action Plan, in drawing on the goodwill, innovation and expertise of all parties involved, will enable us to capitalise on each other’s strengths and expertise, to deliver culturally appropriate and community-driven services and programs.”

The Action Plan will continue on from the first South Australian Government Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan, launched in 2019, which focused on three key pillars:

  • Creative opportunities for Aboriginal jobs and business
  • Improving the quality and delivery of services to Aboriginal South Australians
  • Building strong and capable Aboriginal communities.