29/01/2020 | Stephen Wade MLC | Better Services | Lower Costs

The successful partnership to deliver better patient services and reel-in wastage of taxpayer funds will continue with the extension of the contract between CALHN and financial and organisational recovery experts KordaMentha.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said KordaMentha had already recovered $57 million of taxpayers’ money and streamlined processes to deliver better patient care.

“The Marshal Liberal Government is focused on getting on with the job of delivering better services,” Minister Wade said.

“Prior to engaging KordaMentha, the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) had been operating significantly above the nationally agreed efficient price (29 per cent) for acute inpatient hospital services, and was on track for a budget blow out of more than $300m last financial year.

“The initiatives that are saving money are also delivering better patient outcomes. Wasting taxpayers’ money means less services and more patients waiting to get the care they need.

“We said from the beginning that the CALHN turnaround wouldn’t happen overnight and the continued engagement of the KordaMentha team is essential to continue CALHN’s progress in becoming an efficient and responsible organisation.

KordaMentha has been extended for a further 12 months to continue to drive the network’s organisational and financial recovery.

The contract is for an additional $20.8m, runs until 9 February 2021 and includes an extension option of six months.

The extension increases the total contract to $45.78 million.

CALHN CEO, Lesley Dwyer, said the recovery has been a period of immense change to improve staff culture, provide better care for patients, and improve financial performance.

“KordaMentha has been working closely with CALHN leadership to implement initiatives to become a sustainable and efficient organisation, which enables us to provide better care to our patients,” Ms Dwyer said.

“One of the biggest changes has been our new leadership structure which is delivering decision-making closer to where care is provided, and enabling greater accountability through activity based budgets.

“The recovery is a journey for us all and there is still much work to be done to meet our budget forecasts, but we remain strongly committed to the goals we set on day one: to deliver better patient outcomes, operate a modern health service, be a great place to work and learn, provide better leadership of Adelaide’s health and sustainably allocate resources.”