15/06/2021 | Steven Marshall MP | David Pisoni MP | More Jobs | Lower Costs

A combination of wage subsidies and payroll tax relief for employers taking on an apprentice or trainee will deliver thousands of paid jobs for apprentices and trainees as SA emerges from the economic impact of COVID-19 stronger than ever.

The Marshall Government’s State Budget is investing $69 million in South Australia’s nation leading jobs training system and $4 million for apprentice and trainee payroll tax exemptions to ensure we have the skills needed to drive accelerating economic and jobs growth.

The State Budget 2021-22 extends the 12-month payroll tax exemption for wages paid to eligible trainees and apprentices who commence a new relevant training contract, entered into up to June 30, next year.

“The combined Marshall and Morrison Government wage subsidies delivering up to $32,000 of support for new apprentices and trainees means there has never been a better time to upskill existing staff or take on a new apprentice or trainee,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“The Marshall Government’s record $16.7 billion investment in infrastructure is driving a wave of job creation that is being felt right across metropolitan and regional South Australia and companies need an appropriately qualified workforce to take full advantage of the opportunities in offer.

“South Australia created 15,300 jobs in the month of April, more than any other state in Australia, has a record number of job vacancies and the 864,200 people in work is the largest number of people in work in the history of our state.

“COVID-19 has been as much of an economic emergency as a medical one and South Australia has managed to deal with both challenges as well as anywhere in the world.”

“With South Australia’s economy growing strongly and skills shortages developing in industry sectors across the economy now is the time for employers to move to secure their future labour needs,” said Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni.

“In an outstanding result South Australia has led the nation in apprentice and trainee commencements since 30 September 2018 with an increase of 6.5 per cent whilst the rest of the country has experienced a 20.0 per cent decline during the same period.

“Under the Marshall Government there have been more than 40,000 apprenticeship and traineeship commencements in South Australia since June 2018.

“The additional $69 million in funding, split evenly between the Marshall and Morrison Governments, takes the two government’s joint funding on jobs training in South Australia to almost $340 million.”

“Supashock is committed to supporting the growth and development of our people.  The State and Federal governments apprenticeship scheme has enabled Supashock to employ school-based apprentices over the past three (3) years, including female engineering apprentices,” said Oscar Fiorinotto, Chief Executive of Supashock.

“A portion of our workforce is currently participating in contracts of training in leadership and process manufacturing to equip ourselves for our future growth and significant manufacturing expansion.  

“Our apprentices have been exposed to leading edge technologies by participating in projects across defence, autonomous and automotive industries.  
Supashock believes in the apprenticeship scheme and the pathway for apprentices is imperative to the South Australian work force.”