22/02/2021 | Stephen Wade MLC | Better Services

Regional patients travelling for treatment will benefit from better support and quicker access to the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS), with improved resources and a new website now available.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said the new PATS website is part of the State Government’s commitment to making the scheme more flexible and accessible for regional patients travelling for specialist medical treatment.

“The Marshall Government has implemented a range of improvements to the way patients access the scheme to ensure all regional South Australians have quicker and easier access to the information and support they need,” Minister Wade said.

“We have updated a range of information materials on the new PATS website and developed a direct link to an online portal, allowing users to easily submit their claims and find essential information about accommodation providers and transport options.

“Patients also have access to an online calculator tool, which allows them to calculate the actual distance they travel to their treatment location, which clearly displays the amount of fuel subsidy they will be eligible for.

“We are committed to helping regional patients and their families access the care they need, and these improvements to PATS makes sure the scheme is more accessible to those who need it.”

SA Health’s Patient Assistance Transport Scheme Program Manager, Alexis Horel, said the new PATS website and improvements to the scheme provide better support to regional patients travelling to receive care.

“It is important patients and their loved ones are able to easily access travel support and receive subsidies in their time of need, and these improvements provide better care and a more streamlined system for patients travelling for treatment,” Ms Horel said.

“As part of the improvements to the PATS, two instructional videos have been developed to explain the scheme to consumers and also provide an overview of how to lodge a claim online.

“We have consulted with consumer groups to provide valuable feedback on the PATS guidelines and application form to ensure the scheme is focused on delivering the best care to regional patients.”

For more information and to access the PATS online portal, visit www.pats.sa.gov.au.