01/11/2020 | Steven Marshall MP | Vickie Chapman MP | More Jobs

The State Budget will deliver an additional $100 million investment in local infrastructure projects to be matched dollar for dollar by local governments to leverage at least $200 million in vital job creation projects during the next two years.

Premier Steven Marshall said community infrastructure projects would be at the heart of the $200 million stimulus package that will service local communities and create thousands of local jobs as part of the Government’s COVID-19 stimulus fightback.

“This investment will create a surge of employment for local tradies and suppliers whilst delivering a welcome legacy of community assets that will benefit South Australians for generations.

“The wonderful job South Australians have done in controlling COVID-19 enables us to begin rebuilding our economy.

“Now is the time to invest in ourselves and our future, the impact of COVID-19 presents the greatest challenge to our economic prosperity since the Great Depression,” said Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.

“Local Government has a critical role to play is ensuring local communities are supported through this extremely challenging time.”

The Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program will fund the construction of new community infrastructure facilities and the upgrade of existing facilities.

The Partnership Program will be available to fund new libraries, community centres, performance spaces, museums, galleries, child care centres, swimming pools and gyms.

New roads, stormwater infrastructure, investment in energy projects, park infrastructure, walking and cycling trails will also attract funding from the Partnership Program.

“The Marshall Government was the first state government to announce a stimulus package to counter the economic downturn created by COVID-19 and has continued to invest heavily in local job creation projects,” said Attorney-General Chapman.

“Councils need to take up the challenge of investing in their communities today to create vital new jobs and deliver improved community assets.

“This investment of at least $200 million will only further enhance South Australia’s enviable lifestyle.”

Local Projects. Local Jobs.