11/11/2021 | David Pisoni MP | More Jobs

A strong South Australian economy generated 3,800 full-time jobs in October as the state hit a record high of 571,000 full-time jobs.

“The Marshall Government’s successful response to the health and economic impacts of COVID has created the best employment conditions in South Australia in more than a decade,” said Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni.

“Full-time jobs are incredibility important for the long-term health of the economy enabling people to plan for the future, buy a home or a car and generate further jobs.

“With the economy generating thousands of new jobs and South Australian employers having another 18,000 positions currently vacant, kids leaving school in the next month will have an enormous number of job opportunities to choose from.”

Other highlights of today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics data include:

  • Youth unemployment at 10.6 – down 4.1 in a month and now the third lowest in the nation;
  • 31,100 new jobs created since January – the second highest percentage growth in the nation;
  • A full percentage increase in the participation rate since January – the largest increase in the nation.

“With the South Australian border opening to NSW and Victoria in the next fortnight the hard-hit CBD hospitality businesses will also be looking for staff to cope with the additional demand,” said Minister Pisoni.

Other economic indicators are also very encouraging:

  • South Australia had a record high volume of State Final Demand in the June quarter 2021 to be 4.4% higher than the pre-COVID level;
  • The National Australia Bank is forecasting strong growth of 4.2% for South Australia’s real Gross State Product in 2021-22 - the second strongest in the nation;
  • The number of dwelling approvals in South Australia over the 12 months to September 2021 were 36.2% higher than the previous 12 months – the third strongest of the states.

“These figures illustrate why business confidence in South Australia has never been higher, why young people are choosing to stay and why South Australia is once again attracting people from the eastern states,” said Minister Pisoni.