24/09/2020 | Steven Marshall MP | More Jobs | Lower Costs

South Australia’s arts and cultural sector will receive a $10.2 million boost to create jobs and fast-track its recovery from the devastating impacts of COVID-19, bringing the government’s total Arts support package to $20 million.

This has included direct funding to artists and small-to-medium organisations, rent relief to organisations, and investment in new events to support sector recovery.

With the addition $10.2 million, the Marshall Liberal Government will invest in a range of initiatives aimed at supporting professional artists and building strategic partnerships.

Premier Steven Marshall said the government is backing the local arts sector, which is so vital to job creation and the broader South Australian economy.

“The arts community was hit hard by the COVID-19 around the nation, and we were not immune to that locally,” said the Premier.

“This is part of the government’s plan to keep South Australia safe and strong.

“We know that in addition to the economic benefits, the arts play an essential role in helping people to connect, which is now more important than ever.

“Many people’s lives have been interrupted, and the solace, inspiration and enjoyment that the arts bring will contribute to our community’s wellbeing.

The Marshall Liberal Government’s package will deliver investment in 2020-21 to create jobs, aligned with four priorities:

  • collaboration and partnerships: supporting collaboration and partnerships between artists and arts organisations to create jobs and foster the evolution of arts practice in a COVID-safe environment;
  • theatre and festival recovery: enabling theatres and festivals to re-open by supporting the creation, development and presentation of work in a COVID-safe environment, to create jobs for artists and arts workers, and technical and production crew;
  • digital innovation: generating digital innovation by supporting the development and curation of new digital content, building sector skills and capability, and investing in technology and digital expertise
  • mentorship: supporting strategy and business development for arts organisations through mentorships to increase their capacity.