Release date: 18/01/2023

Public houses built in South Australia must use products manufactured in this state, under ground-breaking mandates introduced by the Malinauskas Government.

It’s the first change announced as a result of sweeping and broad reforms to government procurement – a Labor election promise which will benefit local businesses, manufacturers and workers.

From now, South-Australian manufactured products must be used on public housing construction and maintenance programs, where available.

The policy will ensure local manufacturers and SA businesses benefit from the Malinauskas Government’s $177.5 million commitment to build 400 new affordable homes and refurbish a further 350, to help those most in need during a stressed housing market.

The South Australian Housing Authority will release tenders for construction of 103 homes, including the first six homes at Broadview this week, which will also require South Australian workers be used for a minimum of 90 per cent of labour hours, with 20 per cent of those being supplied by apprentices, trainees, Aboriginal workers or the long term unemployed.

Setting an example for the broader industry, the government will require core products used in construction to be manufactured here in SA, including bricks, timber frames, concrete, reinforcing steel, steel frames, windows, security doors and steel for roofing, fencing and rainwater tanks.

It’s estimated these products account for approximately 58 per cent of the cost of building an average dwelling.

Labor pledged to reform government procurement to help give South Australian businesses and workers a competitive edge when deciding where taxpayers’ dollars end up, creating more work and a stronger economy.

The government is targeting an increase of $425 million per year in work awarded to SA businesses.


Attributable to Stephen Mullighan

We’re changing these rules because buying local products means supporting South Australian businesses and local jobs.

If we can change the buying habits of government departments away from interstate and overseas suppliers to local South Australian businesses, it’s a huge boost to the local economy.

Attributable to Andrea Michaels

Many local residents in Broadview will be happy to hear this parcel of land is going to be developed and it is exciting that the homes will be constructed with as many South Australian products as possible.

As Minister for Small and Family Business, I know every contract counts and can make a big difference.

I’m proud our government is giving hard working South Australians a competitive edge and ensuring the economic benefits stay right here in SA.