Release date: 30/05/2022

Parafield Airport will become the training arena for a group of Japanese aviation cadets studying to become commercial airline pilots, as part of a program that will result in a multi-million-dollar contribution to the state’s economy.

The program, based at Parafield’s Flight Training Adelaide (FTA), is part of an ongoing Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) certification program.

FTA is delivering the first of two courses for Japanese airline J-AIR at its training facility in preparation for full JCAB approval for the organisation to also deliver Commercial Pilot Licence Program and Instrument Rating Program qualifications.

The courses are the resumption of a long-term relationship between FTA and J-AIR, which previously saw FTA train approximately 160 commercial airline pilots for the airline.

FTA has experience in delivering aviation training to international pilots through long-term business relationships and aviation training programs that include global carriers such as Cathay Pacific, IndiGo Airlines, China Airlines, Skymark, Starlux, Cebu Pacific and Cathay Dragon.

The first course of eight J-AIR cadets will spend 12 months and undertake 200 hours of flying and simulator training to achieve their commercial pilot licence and Multi Engine Instrument Rating.

The next course is expected to arrive on the third quarter of 2022, with an additional two courses expected in 2023.


Attributable to Nick Champion

I am delighted that South Australia is able to welcome back international students, visitors and businesses to our state after a two-year hiatus.

Having international aviation students coming to South Australia to undertake flight training, living within the community, enjoying our entertainment and hospitality offerings, supporting retail stores all adds to South Australia’s economy as well as our diverse culture.

The airline pilot training program is an opportunity to further strengthen our ties with Japan, where we have a trade and investment office, based in Tokyo.

Programs like these contribute to South Australia’s economy and support us to build relationships with key markets that go well beyond our economic ties to include tourism, cultural diversity and friendship opportunities.

Attributable to Flight Training Adelaide CEO Pine Pienaar

We have had a very successful partnership in the past and no doubt that re-commencement of the cadet program will be extremely successful for many years to come.

As South Australians, we should be very proud that the work we do will contribute to the success of such a prestigious multinational. I would like to publicly thank the JAL Group and the Department for Trade and Investment for their continuous support of FTA.

Attributable to J-AIR Managing director Kurono Kotaro

J-AIR is very pleased to be able to resume its Cadet Pilot Program with FTA in Adelaide. The resumption of the cadet program will allow FTA to train future J-AIR pilots to the highest standards.

We look forward to seeing our Adelaide trained cadets develop their careers as pilots in J-AIR and the JAL Group, as well as contribute to the prosperity of both Australia and Japan.