Release date: 18/01/2023

Fees for false fire alarm activations in flood affected communities have been waived until March by the State Government.

While they continue to support and protect river communities, this is a gesture of good will by Metropolitan Fire Service and Country Fire Service.

For false alarm activations businesses and other premises with an activated alarm call-out service are usually charged $471 by the MFS and $645 by the CFS under the Fire and Emergency Services Act.

Between December 2021 to January 2022, River community businesses paid more than $8000 for false fire alarm activations by the CFS and $5000 by the MFS.

With increased water flows entering some businesses and setting off fire alarms, the cost savings businesses will experience from waiving call out fees for false alarms will assist with recovery.

Suspending alarm fees recognises the economic impact of the event on local businesses, in an additional to nearly $200 million of economic support from the government.

Not only does fee waiving demonstrate compassion for affected communities, but it highlights awareness of continual monitoring and prompt response of both the MFS and CFS to community safety through alarm monitoring.


Attributable to Joe Szakacs

Waiving the cost of fire alarm activations for flood affected communities is just one of the many ways our emergency services are assisting the ongoing response.

I extend my gratitude to both the MFS and CFS for taking the initiative to waive these fees that will reduce the financial impact of the floods on businesses and other premises.

All emergency services staff and volunteers involved in this undertaking in river communities have been united, resourceful and courageous through this event.

Attributable to MFS Chief Officer Michael Morgan

The community is always at the forefront of what we do.

I’m proud that the MFS is able to waive false alarm activation fees to help reduce further financial stress to businesses who are affected by the rising flood levels and assist the community in getting back on its feet.

Attributable to CFS Director Community Risk and Resilience Alison May

Waiving fees for flood affected communities is one of many proactive steps the CFS are taking to assist with the response to this event.

We know communities are struggling and all CFS staff and volunteers continue to work tirelessly to keep people as safe as possible.