Release date: 03/05/2022

The State Government is fulfilling its election commitment and releasing the criteria for the development of the former Brompton Gasworks site and launching a review into the project.

In January, Melbourne-based MAB Corporation was chosen as the preferred developer of the 5.8ha site under the former Marshall Liberal Government.

The MAB Corporation bid was selected as the preferred developer ahead of a rival bid from the Adelaide Football Club/Pelligra Group, who proposed relocating the Crows headquarters to the site.

The former Marshall Liberal Government refused to release the criteria and the weightings of the criteria. In Opposition, Labor promised to release the criteria and undertake a review.

The criteria and weightings used were as follows:

  • Draft Master Plan, Vision and Guiding Principles (25%)
  • Commercial Offer (27.5%)
  • Development Delivery Team (10%)
  • Remediation and Environmental Strategy (27.5%)
  • Development Program and Timing (10%)

Execution of any deed or contract between Renewal SA and MAB Corporation will not occur until the independent review is complete and assessed.

The government will now appoint an independent firm to undertake the review.

The proposed scope of the review will compare the criteria used against:

  • The Original government approval for the Bowden Project, for both consistency and appropriateness;
  • The Masterplanning and market strategy;
  • The appropriateness of the remediation strategy (both methodology and cost);
  • Their consistency with the objects of the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (which includes use of the land and community considerations) and the Planning and Design Code;
  • The economic and community benefit is appropriately considered; and
  • The 20 Year State Infrastructure Strategy.


Attributable to Minister for Housing and Urban Development Nick Champion

Clearly, there is widespread community concern about this development and the manner in which it was handled by the Marshall Liberal Government.

The Malinauskas Labor Government is fulfilling its election commitment by publicly releasing the criteria for this project and undertaking a review.

This is a significant opportunity to develop the inner-western suburbs on the fringe of the CBD and we want to ensure we get this right.

We have notified all relevant parties of our course of action.