Two vital projects in the far and mid north have received $50,000 from the State Government’s public-voted Fund My Idea program.

The RSPCA will receive $35,000 to upgrade its Whyalla facility and expand its emergency boarding service through the construction of up to nine kennels and two exercise areas.

This will help the RSPCA provide emergency boarding for pet-owning residents such as people escaping domestic violence, people needing urgent medical attention, and people who are homeless due to a housing crisis.

The Arid Recovery Education Centre, outside Roxby Downs, will receive $15,000 to develop a field classroom for wildlife education and visitors to the arid zone.

This project will enable school students, community groups and tourists to encounter native animals in the wild. A large classroom and bunkrooms for overnight camps will be constructed through the use of retrofitted, second-hand buildings that have been donated by the Roxby Downs Caravan Park.

The works will be carried out by community volunteers and local businesses.


Fund My Idea is a grant program delivered through the State Government’s Country Cabinet program.

The Government conducts three Cabinet meetings in regional areas of South Australia each year. Up to $50,000 is allocated through Fund My Idea in each Country Cabinet round for projects that will assist the region meet its economic and social needs.

Project proposals are received from and are voted on by those communities.

Through the nine Country Cabinet Fund My Idea programs to date, 355 ideas were voted on with 22,255 votes cast. Sixteen community-driven projects have received a share of $400,000.

For this round of Fund My Idea, anyone living in the eligible areas of Whyalla and the Central Outback region could submit an idea.

Ten eligible submissions were received, all of which were published on the YourSAy website and made available for voting. The submissions received 1395 votes.

Quotes attributable to Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Zoe Bettison

As part of the Country Cabinet program, the State Government provides funding for public-suggested and community-selected ideas throughout the regions.

The RSPCA’s new pet emergency boarding upgrade will help relieve anxiety for people who are already having to cope with the worst life can throw at them – people escaping from domestic violence, for example, or struggling with homelessness.

Quotes attributable to Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock

We received ten excellent ideas for the Whyalla and Central Outback area, and the community has voted for two standouts.

The projects selected will provide a welcome boost to the community and have a positive effect on local employment.

I congratulate all of the entrants and the winners for being part of this innovative program.

Quotes attributable to the Member for Giles Eddie Hughes

The local branch of the RSPCA does great work and I’m really pleased they will be able expand services here in Whyalla.

And the Arid Recovery Education Centre will help showcase the region’s amazing flora and fauna in its natural habitat to students, community groups and visitors to the area.