Pensioners, people living with disability and the unemployed are among those to benefit from a new program that provides low income South Australians with quality, affordable glasses.

Glasses SA, a partnership between the State Government and Optometry SA, will see participating optometrists provide very low cost glasses to the most disadvantaged in the community.

People eligible for Glasses SA will pay a maximum of $25 for glasses with single vision lenses, $50 for those with bi-focal lenses and $100 for glasses with multi-focal lenses.

Children who are dependants of people who qualify for the GlassesSA scheme, will also be eligible for glasses, meaning that many children will have access to low cost glasses.

Eligible people can get a new pair of glasses through Glasses SA every three years.

People who receive a full Centrelink pension, such as an age pension or a disability pension, or receive full Newstart Allowance are eligible for Glasses SA.

Participating optometrists will have a Glasses SA sticker displayed in their window.

For more information go to, visit a participating optometrist or call GlassesSA on 1300 762 577.


All optometrists in South Australia have been invited to participate in the program.

GlassesSA is currently being delivered by 65 participating optometrists, with more expected to sign up over the coming weeks and months.

A new IT system for Glasses SA has been developed to make the system accessible for optometrists.

Glasses SA provides low cost glasses to the most disadvantaged people in South Australia, no matter where they live.

Quotes attributable to Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Zoe Bettison

I encourage all eligible South Australians to contact Glasses SA or visit a participating optometrist to take advantage of this program.

The State Government’s is always looking for new ways to ease cost of living pressures and this innovative, targeted program will remove the financial barriers for people requiring

It is also an example of the State Government’s commitment to working in partnership with industry.

The strong working relationship with Optometry SA, the peak body for optometrists in South Australia representing more than 96% of optometrists, is critical to the success of this program.

Quotes attributable to Optometry SA Chief Executive Officer Libby Boschen

Optometry SA welcomes this opportunity to work with the State Government to provide access to affordable glasses for the most vulnerable in our community.

Good vision is important for living a healthy, happy and productive life. About 90 per cent of blindness or vision impairment is preventable or treatable, and it’s vital that people see an optometrist to allow them to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

One in five children suffer from undetected vision problems. This will affect their ability to learn and play. A simple trip to the optometrist will fix this.

We know that some patients needing treatment will avoid seeing an optometrist because they are embarrassed about not being able to afford glasses.

Glasses SA provides an opportunity for many to seek eye care without this fear, resulting in access to eye health care for more South Australians.