Steven Marshall and Dan van Holst Pellekaan’s energy plan, released on Tuesday, has completely unravelled, with the Liberal Leader admitting his plan will only save South Australians $60 to $70 by 2022 at the earliest, not $300 as he previously claimed.

“Well I think it’s between $60 and $70 per household and that’s an excellent saving,” Mr Marshall told journalists at a media conference yesterday.

The correction came after Mr Marshall made a robocall to hundreds of thousands of South Australians on Tuesday in which he said his plan would save households $300 each year.

Mr Marshall also conceded that the updated claim of $70 savings are based entirely on the assumption that a new interconnector will be built between South Australia and NSW.

To proceed, the interconnector will have to pass lengthy regulatory tests and attract hundreds of millions in investment from private transmission companies. Households would also have to pay for the construction through their bills.

Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis called on the Liberals to commission another robocall to apologise to South Australians for misleading them about the savings they could expect under a Liberal Government.

Quotes attributable to Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis

Steven Marshall robocalled hundreds of thousands of South Australians on Tuesday night claiming his plan will save them $300 each every year.

Yesterday, he admitted to journalists that his claims were false. Mr Marshall should now call all those South Australians back to apologise for misleading them.

Even the claimed $70 savings are doubtful, given an interconnector must pass strict regulatory tests and attract half a billion in investment – it’s likely this proposal will never eventuate.

Steven Marshall has proved once again that the Liberal Party can’t be trusted when it comes to energy policy.

The Liberals promised when they privatised ETSA prices would go down – they went up. They promised when they abolished the carbon tax that prices would go down – they went up.

And now they’re telling us to trust them after making false claims about reducing power bills.

This is quite a remarkable attempt to mislead South Australians that demonstrates just how much of a risk a Liberal Government would be to this state.