The State Opposition has demonstrated its outrageous hypocrisy and lack of judgment by questioning the cost of the State’s first two bilingual schools.

Most shockingly, the questions came from the Shadow Education Minister and Shadow Multicultural Affairs Minister John Gardner

At Plympton International College, students are taught 50 per cent Mandarin and 50 per cent English. The school has become so popular it is expected enrolments will more than double to a capacity within a decade.

The State Government – which has also created a French program at Highgate Primary – created the bilingual schools to help prepare young people for jobs of the future and expand their cultural knowledge.

Quotes attributable to Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close

Our two bilingual schools are providing incredible opportunities for students and parents who want their children to become fluent in a foreign language have flooded the schools with demand.

It’s so typical of the Opposition to talk down a positive initiative and not look at the long-term benefits it has for our State.

China is South Australia’s major trading partner and the State Government is currently embarking on a 50 year relationship with France to make submarines in Adelaide.

It defies belief the Shadow Multicultural Affairs Minister would be questioning the State Government’s efforts to strengthen our students’ cultural knowledge.

The only explanation is, the Liberal party is looking for cuts because they haven't committed to the same level of school funding as we have.

If the Opposition wants to talk about priorities, why won’t Steven Marshall commit to $90m in Gonski funding - instead of looking at important programs like this to cut.

The South Australian Government has invested heavily in education infrastructure – including a $500m STEM infrastructure spend in the most recent State Budget.

Since 2002-03 and including the 2016-17 Budget, we have also invested more than $2.2 billion in school capital works, maintenance and asset funding.