The first stage of opening up the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site to the public is underway with tenders called for the first demolition works.

Stage 1 will include the demolition of the East Wing building adjacent to the Adelaide Botanic Garden, returning more than half a hectare to open space.

The demolition works on the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site are expected to be the biggest the state has ever seen, creating significant demand for the industry for up to four years and supporting local jobs.

The combined cost of demolition and remediation for the entire project is estimated to be in excess of $150 million and will be completed over a series of staged public tenders.

The buildings predominantly contain a mix of metals, concrete and masonry, which must be separated, processed and removed from site.

All waste will be processed appropriately, and either taken off site or recycled and reused.

The demolition is expected to begin later this year, after the transition of patients, staff and existing services to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital in the West End.


It’s estimated that the overall site will generate investment of more than $1 billion and support 600 construction jobs in addition to 2900 jobs on site.

The demolition will be completed in phases and is expected to take three to four years. Heritage buildings will be retained and refurbished.

The obsolete buildings earmarked for demolition were built between 1950 and 1980, and some contain asbestos that will need to be removed.

The demolition contractor will be required to prepare a Construction Environmental Management Plan in accordance with Environment Protection Authority standard provisions for air quality including dust, noise, site contamination, waste and water quality.

As the site has been used as a hospital 160 years old, the soil will need to be remediated by environmental specialists to ensure the site is safe for redevelopment.

Quotes attributable to Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan

The transformation of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site into an openly accessible space for all South Australians will be one of the most significant projects shaping Adelaide’s East End into the future.

We want to open up this site to the public and we want to be ready to be start achieving that as soon as possible once the new Royal Adelaide Hospital opens in September.

More than 2ha of land will be transferred to the Adelaide Botanic Garden from the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site, with more than 70% of the 7ha site to be accessible to the public.

The demolition of these old and outdated buildings will be one of the biggest projects of its type ever undertaken in South Australia and will present significant opportunities for local demolition and remediation contractors to gain work.

High levels of expertise will be required to remove buildings up to 12-storeys and the contractors will need to ensure that noise and dust are kept to a minimum.