South Australia is endeavouring to lead the development of new nationally consistent laws, that will stem the supply of chemicals used to manufacture crystal methamphetamine (ice).

Minister for Police Pete Malinauskas will today call on Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan, to appoint SA as the national lead in the development of new nationally consistent regulations.

The control of chemicals used in the production of ice vary across Australia. Since 2014, the Law, Crime and Community Safety Committee (LCSCC) have been working to introduce a national regulatory regime. The Committee meets today in Melbourne.

SA Police (SAPOL) has already undertaken a comprehensive review of cross jurisdictional controls on ‘precursor chemicals’ and are ready to develop and trial regulations that could be adopted at a national level.

Stemming the supply of the chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine will have a considerable impact on the volume of methamphetamine being produced in Australia.

Combatting the rise of ice within the community is a key priority for the South Australian Government.

In February 2017 the Premier appointed an Ice Taskforce, charged with developing a rapid response to the growing impact of ice within the community.

While the Taskforce’s response is currently being considered, strengthening chemical regulation has been recommended as a key priority for disabling the methamphetamine supply chain.


Currently the regulation of ‘precursor chemicals’ is the responsibility of individual States and Territories.

In South Australia the sale and possession of precursor chemicals used in the production of controlled drugs sits within the Controlled Substances Act 1984.

The Law, Crime and Community Safety Council (LCCSC) assists the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) by developing a national and trans-Tasman focus on fighting crime and promoting best practice in law, criminal justice and community safety.

Quotes attributable to Police Minister Peter Malinauskas

Ice use has grown at a rapid rate across Australia, and is causing more damage than any other illicit drug in history.

Through the Ice Taskforce a range of recommendations are being developed to counter the growth of methamphetamine in SA. Blocking the availability of chemicals is critical to reducing the volume of ice available on our streets.

Today I will be calling on the Federal Justice Minister to appoint SA to lead the development of new laws, which will significantly hinder the methamphetamine supply chain.

SAPOL has already undertaken a significant review of national regulations, and we are ready to act. Disabling the manufacture of ice means that less of the drug will be available, prices will rise, further reducing consumption.