Our Transport Networks

A remarkable transformation is underway in our State’s transport network. We will continue to modernise our transport infrastructure that will deliver social and economic benefits to the community.

Black spot funding

Maintain the more than $55 million budgeted for Black Spot programs over the next four years.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 46


$27.8 million of State funding has been allocated to SA Black Spots for the period 2014-15 to 2016-17. A further $8.8 million will be allocated in 2017-18.  $30.4 million of Commonwealth funding has been allocated to SA Black Spots for the period 2014-15 to 2016-17. A further $4.8 million will be allocated in 2017-18.

Metro road spend

Deliver metropolitan intersection upgrades:
  • $7.7 million for the Sudholz and North East Road intersection at Gilles Plains.
  • $9.5 million upgrade South Road/Richmond Road
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 45


The upgrades provide for safer, less congested intersections for drivers and commuters.

Road upgrades - Surrey Downs

$2.5 million for the Golden Grove and Grenfell Road intersection at Surrey Downs.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 45


Completed. Funding provided in 2013-14 to improve road safety.

Road upgrade - Magill

$4 million for the Magill and Glynburn Road intersection.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 45


This will enable better traffic management at the intersection, making it safer for drivers.

Train station upgrades - North

Station upgrades on the Gawler line to Parafield and Broadmeadows stations ($4.6m).
Source: Media Release 17 February, 2014


Both stations upgraded in 2014.

Road tolls

No introduction of toll roads.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 41



Shoulder sealing - Port Broughton

Investigate shoulder sealing on Port Broughton to Alford Rd, Port Pirie to Port Broughton Road.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


The State Government has committed $3.675 million for 31.6 km shoulder sealing on the Spencer Highway (Port Pirie to Port Broughton) between Clements Gap Road and Abattoirs Road.


Double funding for the Way2Go safe bike riding program to teach more than 8,000 primary school students in 90 schools about cycling as a safer, greener and more active form of travel. As part of the program expansion, curriculum materials for teachers will be updated and made available online for all schools.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 71


The Way2Go program partners with 198 primary schools across South Australia to encourage more students to be safe while walking, cycling, scooting or skating to school.

39 Local Councils are activeWay2Go partners working in partnership with their local schools and the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure.

In 2017 more than 7,300 students will participate in Way2Go Bike Ed.

For more information about the Way2Go program visit www.dpti.sa.gov.au/Way2Go

Commuter travel passes

The Government remains committed to the introduction of a Commuter Club that provides employers with 28-day unlimited travel passes at a further 5 per cent discount. Visitor Passes are also to be introduced as part of the more flexible fare options that can be built into the new MetroCard ticketing system.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 43


Both initiatives have been rolled out, and are currently being evaluated to determine their effectiveness.

Gladstone schools safety zone

Relocate the drop off zone at Gladstone Area School to improve safety in the event of an emergency evacuation.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


This has resulted in improved safety for children at the school in an emergency.

Boat registration reforms

Six-month boat registration (available for vessels up to 7 metres in length, as well as jet skis).
Source: Media Release, 21 February 2014


Completed. Six-month boat registration option commenced on 3 October 2014.

Clare Aerodrome access

Provide the right hand turning lane on Spalding Rd access to Clare Aerodrome.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome



Rail upgrades

Upgraded railway stations, lines and passenger carriages.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 9


The State Government is investing an extra $4 million over the next four years to improve safety, security and access at train stations and tram stops. This is on top of the $173 million investment in station upgrades since 2008. Detailed design for Albert Park station has been completed. Construction started in October 2016, with major works now completed. Landscaping works are continuing.

Developing Kangaroo Island

Support the delivery of a $30 million 18-hole championship golf course and associated infrastructure including desalination plant, helipad, clubhouse, tourist accommodation and residential development on Kangaroo Island.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 31 and Media Release, 19 February 2014


A proposal has been developed and consulted on with the local community, it has been granted major development approval.

Train transport

Completion of the electrification of the north-south backbone of the public transport system and replacement of the existing diesel passenger trains with environmentally friendly electric -powered locomotives.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 9


22 Electrical Multiple Units have now been delivered (permanently coupled three car sets). The Seaford line has been electrified. The Gawler line electricification to Salisbury will commence in 2017. Infrastructure Australia has identified the upgrade of the Gawler line as a High Priority Initiative.

Residents win program

Deliver the Residents Win Program worth $500,000 a year over four years to support local road safety projects.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 46


More than 110 expressions of interest have been received since the program launched, and 50 projects are in various stages of development. A range of projects, both in scale and type, have been supported to help create people friendly streets and safer roads. These include, a street lighting project in Andamooka, improved cyclist safety on Galway Avenue, Broadview and a school and community safety project at Point Pearce Aboriginal Community.

Residents safety initiatives

Deliver $47.7 million worth of new initiatives as proposed by the Road Safety Initiatives Advisory Group.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 46


The funding has been fully allocated and the Road Safety Advisory Group was thanked for its work and disbanded in 2016. All projects are expected to be completed in 2016-17, except the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands Road Upgrades project, which is scheduled for completion in 2018-19.

Port Pirie boat ramp

Improve boat ramp facilities in Port Pirie.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


Port Pirie Regional Council is undertaking a $1.5 million project, with a contribution of $571,000 from the State Government’s Boating Facilities Fund, to provide greater access to the Port Pirie River and the Spencer Gulf. The works involve dredging the riverbed near the Solomontown ramp and using the dredged material to reclaim land to enhance the Solomontown foreshore. A fourth launching lane will also be constructed, pontoons added to the boat ramp and new CCTV installed.

Transport - Cyclists and Pedestrians

Expansion of existing cycle routes and creation of new ones, especially to suburban centres and public transport hubs. Upgraded bikeways and walkways to make them more attractive, direct and convenient. Separation of bike lanes from motor traffic on arterial roads where possible. Expansion of cycling and walking catchments around public transport hubs, centres, main streets and schools.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 10


The State Government and the Adelaide City Council will partner to deliver $12 million in funding to transform the city experience for bike riders with the largest single investment in cycling infrastructure in the city’s history. Adelaide City Council will match State Government funding of $6 million to invest in new cycling infrastructure that will create connected, high quality routes, with completion anticipated for 2018.


Completion of the Gawler, Outer Harbor, Tonsley and Grange Greenways.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 10


Works on the Mike Turtur Bikeway, which is part of the Torrens Junction project are expected to be completed in 2018.

Transport - Harbours

Efficient road and rail access to seaports and manufacturing industries.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 10


Building on the Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan, the Resources Infrastructure Taskforce has been established and released “Business Case: Solutions to bulk mineral export infrastructure on Spencer Gulf.” The Government has also embarked on the development of a 50 Year Port Strategy for South Australian Ports. The Strategy will seek to ensure our ports are able to efficiently accommodate the future freight task (including road and rail access to ports), and will seek to maximise the economic benefits of South Australia’s ports.

Port Pirie Harbour barge capacity

Facilitate the development of private sector projects to enhance the barging capacity of Port Pirie.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


Currently two private sector proposals are being managed to develop barging capability at the port of Port Pirie, in conjunction with the Port Pirie Regional Council. Both proposals are currently on hold as they are minerals based and are not viable under current market conditions given commodity prices.

Regional road funding options

Investigate additional ongoing funding for regional road improvements.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


In the 2016-17 budget, $202 million was allocated to improve and maintain regional roads in South Australia. Of this, the State Government has allocated around $110 million and the Australian Government has allocated around $92 million. This includes $64 million in the Asset Improvement Program, as well as the ongoing Road safety improvement works ($40 million over 4 years) announced as part of the 2015-16 State Budget Road Stimulus Package. The Asset Improvement program includes Rural road improvements, Rural and remote road upgrades, Freight productivity improvments, Sturt Highway upgrade, Black spot, Shoulder sealing and audio tactile line-marking on high-speed roads to save lives, enhance transport networks and create jobs in regional areas.

Regional road improvements

Implement road improvement projects to the Bute to Kulpara Road and the Laura to Gladstone Road.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


Bute to Kulpara (22.7km, total cost $9 million):
Stage 1 (4.4km) completed.
Stage 2 (8.5km) completed.
Stage 3 (9.8km) will be incorporated into the Upper Yorke Peninsula Regional Road Network Upgrade Package.

Laura to Gladstone (9.1km, total cost $3.4 million):
Stage 1 (2.8 km) completed.
Stage 2 (6.3 km) completed.

State bicycle fund

Support the State bicycle fund that helps local councils throughout South Australia to develop cycling projects worth up to $100,000.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 47


Projects for the 2016-17 financial year are awaiting final approval.

Bicycle Boulevards

Deliver the $1.6 million trial of “bicycle boulevards" (Braund Road, Prospect, and Beulah Road, Norwood).
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 4


Prospect Bikeway (Braund Road) - Awaiting City of Prospect endorsement of the three finalised raised intersection designs. The remaining three raised intersections are still in stormwater modelling and design phase.

Regency Road - Construction of a median refuge to provide safe bicycle and pedestrian crossing of Regency Road (near William Street and Hillsdale Street) was completed on 14 October 2016.

Norwood Bike Boulevard – Construction work in progress to provide improved bicycle lanes for Rundle Street, Kent Town from Fullarton Road to College Road.

Train station upgrade

Deliver the $2.1 million upgrade of Salisbury and Noarlunga stations, including the installation of ticket barriers, increased CCTV and fleet monitoring.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia P 41, 43


Planning and design on the Salisbury and Noarlunga Centre railway stations is continuing. During the design phase complexities at both sites have resulted in additional scope requirements for both stations, which has delayed the commencement of construction works. The complexities relate to access arrangements and compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act. Detailed design is continuing with construction works at Salisbury railway station now expected to commence in the first half of 2017, with completion expected before the end of 2017. Detailed design is continuing with construction works at Noarlunga Centre railway station now expected to commence in the first half of 2017, with completion expected before the end of 2017.

CBD transport

Within a decade, electric and hybrid vehicles will be the preferred form of transport within Adelaide's Central Business District.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2015


$2 million to support an alliance of northern businesses to trial electric/diesel bus prototypes, manufactured in northern Adelaide. The Government and Adelaide City Council have supported a project to enable members of the public to experience an electric vehicle. A GoGet Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV share car, charged by renewable energy, is now available from Conservation Council SA headquarters in Flinders Street, Adelaide.
Adelaide Metro Bus Fleet: The manufacture of four bus prototypes in Northern Adelaide has commenced. The first bus is due to start road tests soon. It is anticipated that it will commence service in the first quarter of 2017.

Driverless cars and safer roads

We need to encourage the embrace of new industries and technologies that will change the way in which we move around our vibrant city and safe communities. The government will reform the Road Traffic Act and also legislate for driverless vehicles which will revolutionise transportation in South Australia.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2015


The Motor Vehicles (Trials of Automotive Technologies) Amendment Act 2016 was assented to on 31 March 2016 and commenced on 9 June 2016. 

On 14 November 2016, applications opened for the $10 million Future Mobility Lab Fund, to boost connected, autonomous car technology in South Australia.

City cycle and pedestrians

Access to our city will be made easy by improvements made to our cycling infrastructure, as well as measures to make our capital more attractive to pedestrians.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2016


The State Government announced $6.5 million over four years for bike boulevards and greenways in the 2015-16 State Budget. Extensive upgrades to cycling and pedestrian linkages are also included as part of Torrens to Torrens, Northern Connector, Darlington, Flinders Link and Torrens Junction major infrastructure projects.

Bus services in growth areas

Expansion of bus services into growth areas to continue to provide an economical way to transport people.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No. 5 P 8


An additional service from Mount Barker to Strathalbyn was introduced in January 2016. Services introduced in Angle Vale in January 2015 continue to show increased patronage trends. Services to Victor Harbor and Fleurieu region were transferred from Premier Stateliner to LinkSA to maintain and potentially increase public transport services to people living in the near south regional area.

Rail corridors

Protected rail corridors in outer metropolitan growth areas - future Aldinga Rail Corridor.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 9 and Media release 20/2/14


The Aldinga rail corridor will be located toward the coast just east of Bowering Hill Road, and terminate within the relatively unconstrained, vacant greenfields development site between the existing Aldinga District Centre (to the west) and the Aldinga Town Centre (to the east).

The future Aldinga Rail Corridor is a significant rail infrastructure proposal taking place over the next 20-30 years. While the purchase of properties has commenced, acquisition will be paced, and as funding becomes available.

The location of stations along the corridor has yet to be finalised.

With regard to the location of a terminus station at Aldinga. While the broader area in which the station would be located has been selected, a specific location within this area will be identified as part of broader master planning for the whole of the Renewal SA land. The general area for the station is the south west quarter of the Renewal SA land.

The 92 hectares of land owned by Renewal SA at Aldinga was identified in the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide as planned urban lands. While any extension of the southern rail line from Seaford to Aldinga may be 20-30 years away, it is important to integrate planning for the corridor into planning for future development of the Renewal SA land, which is likely to commence earlier.

O-Bahn connectivity

Upgrades to the O-Bahn interchanges and better connections to the CBD.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 8


Major works commenced on 22 March 2015 on the O-Bahn City Access Project and works are progressing well. The first part of construction focussed on the priority bus lanes along Hackney Road, followed by bridge and tunnel works. The majority of the priority bus lanes along Hackney Road are now complete and operational. Construction of the new shared use pedestrian/cycling bridge across the River Torrens is progressing well, as are works to widen the existing north-bound Hackney Bridge. Works on the new car park and entry plaza near the Botanic Gardens and National Wine Centre are also progressing. East Terrace, between Grenfell Street and Bartels Road, has been realigned and open to traffic since late August 2016. Tunnel works commenced in April 2016 and are progressing well. To the end of September 2016 around 46% of excavation works for the tunnel were complete. About 115 metres of roof planks out of 670 metres total length of tunnel have been completed. Approximately 35% of the 11,000 cubic metres of total concrete for the project has been placed. A total of 228,000 human hours have been worked to date.

The project remains on schedule for completion at the end of 2017.

Passenger transport networks

Support for regional passenger bus services, integrated passenger services and community passenger networks.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 8


The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is in discussions with contractors of Adelaide Metro Services concerning the future retendering of contracts and potential improvements to the current contracts to support patronage growth. An assessment of regional contracts has commenced with similar aims. A majority of regional contracts are due to be retendered in 2017. This will incorporate consideration of whether Department for Education and Child Development services can or should be included.

Transport - Airports

Plan for upgrades to strategically placed regional airports.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 10


Matched State funding of $0.8 million has been allocated for eight aerodrome projects located in remote and regional South Australia as part of the Commonwealth’s Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program.

$18 million 50/50 Federal/State funding has been committed towards the Kangaroo Island Airport upgrade. During the construction phase approximately 25 FTE jobs will be created.

Bike parks

Increased bike parking at key train stations and opportunities for bike sharing.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 5, P 10


Secure bike cages are available at some of Adelaide’s more popular public transport stations and interchanges. New secure bike cages are planned for Mawson Lakes Interchange, Salisbury Interchange, Smithfield Railway Station and Klemzig Interchange’s bike cage is to be expanded to meet demand.

Park 'n' Ride

Deliver our plan to open new and additional Park ’n’ Ride facilities.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 3, P 5


Seaford Meadows, Seaford, Mount Barker, Clovelly Park, Noarlunga Interchange and Smithfield Park ‘n’ Rides are completed. Parafield Park ‘n’ Ride facility is in the design phase. Funding options for better access to public transport – whether by car, foot or bike – are being considered for future years.

Our Jobs Plan - Strzelecki Track

Accelerate infrastructure projects to create jobs by working with the Australian Government to bring forward high priority economic infrastructure projects including, Sealing the Strzelecki Track for mining access.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 13, P 4, 28 & 29


No Federal Government support.

The Infrastructure Australia Priority List released in February 2016 listed Strzelecki as a priority initiative. The State Government will continue to lobby the Australian Government to fund this nationally significant project.

Our Jobs Plan - Torrens to Torrens

Accelerate infrastructure projects to create jobs by working with the Australian Government to bring forward high priority economic infrastructure projects including the North-South Corridor through the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 13, P 4, 28 & 29


The Torrens Road to River Torrens Project is currently in the construction phase and more than 50% of total work has been completed to date.
The rail overpass was successfully installed and completed on schedule with Outer Harbour and Grange rail services recommencing on 24 January 2017.

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