Ten entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to help Adelaide become the world’s first carbon-neutral city have been named finalists in the Low Carbon Entrepreneur’s Prize.

Their proposals include developing special technology to shade buildings and generate energy to power them, an environmentally-friendly courier system for the CBD and an online energy monitoring system for buildings.

Each finalist will receive $10,000 to progress their proposal before the winners are announced in October.

The finalists were selected from 150 local, national and international entries and hail from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the US. Their proposals aim to reduce Adelaide’s carbon footprint in the areas of energy and transport.

Other entries came from South Africa, Greece, the UK, Kenya, Taiwan, Malaysia, Colombia and France.

The general public also has the chance to select their own finalist by voting online at adelaidetozero.yoursay.sa.gov.au

All ideas will be able to obtain the wild card prize and enter the finalist pool – the idea with the most votes will become the 11th finalist, subject to verification procedures.

Voting will open online on Thursday, June 30 and close on July 15.


The Low Carbon Entrepreneur’s Prize is the first initiative unveiled as part of the Adelaide to Zero Carbon Challenge and was announced by Premier Jay Weatherill at Carnegie Mellon University’s Energy Week in the US city of Pittsburgh in March.

The Challenge aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions, generate new green business for South Australia and ensure Adelaide is a showcase city for renewables and green technology.

The winners will share in a further $150,000 in seed funding. Interstate and overseas finalists need to partner with a South Australian organisation to deliver their project.

The finalists were selected by a panel comprised of representatives from the research and corporate sectors and chaired by John O’Brien, a member of the Premier’s Climate Change Council and Managing Director of Australian CleanTech.

The finalists are:

Organisation Project Description Location
BISTEG LLC and Arizona State University Develop solar thermoelectric technology to shade buildings and generate energy to power them US
BLKATU  A drone mailbox delivery system Queensland
Clement Vehicles  Develop a range of light-weight zero-emission transport options South Australia
EcoCaddy An EcoCart which delivers small goods within the Adelaide City Council area South Australia
Enecon  Large-scale power generation created using innovative carbon-neutral fuels Victoria
Ino8 A ‘leaning car’ which is as efficient as a bike and safe and comfortable like a car Victoria
MyCarpools.com A secure carpool web app to reduce traffic South Australia
Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Third generation biodiesel technology made from liquid organic waste materials that can be used in any bio-diesel compatible vehicle  South Australia
SustainSA  A toolkit that helps deliver Carbon Neutral Heritage Buildings South Australia
Switch Automation  An online energy monitoring system for buildings  New South Wales/US

Quotes attributable to Premier Jay Weatherill

The Low Carbon Entrepreneur’s Prize is a way for us to encourage the best minds from around the world to develop ideas that will help establish new jobs and new industries in South Australia while helping to make Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

We know that many great ideas come from outside Government and we’re keen to see these ideas developed.

Funding provided as part of this search will allow entrepreneurs to further explore their ideas, create prototypes and get their proposals to market.

We want Adelaide to become a global test bed for innovative technologies and this initiative is part of that.

Quotes attributable to Environment Minister Ian Hunter

The South Australian Government is committed to helping Adelaide reduce its carbon emissions and we need to focus on entrepreneurial ideas that will create sustainable industries and a greener economy.

The Entrepreneur’s Prize has generated strong international interest, with a third of all entries coming from outside South Australia and 11 per cent of the total submissions coming from overseas.

In addition to the 10 finalists, there were many others with great ideas for a low carbon future. These participants will be invited to attend a dedicated event that will connect them with others who can help them progress their ideas.

To find out more and vote for the wildcard finalist, visit adelaidetozero.yoursay.sa.gov.au