A new chicken farm in the Murray Mallee region, supported by a $360,000 State Government Regional Development Fund grant, will create 11 new jobs – six in construction and five ongoing.

Located in Kepa, just east of Murray Bridge, the farm will comprise 12 sheds with supporting infrastructure, including 18 silos, offices, and an extensive heating and cooling system.

The farm, operated by White Mallee Poultry, will contribute around four per cent of Inghams Enterprises South Australian production.


Australia’s per capita meat consumption is among the highest in the world and for the past decade the most consumed meat has been chicken.

South Australia is a net exporter of chicken meat to other states and in the decade from 2004/05 to 2014/15, the export volume has risen almost tenfold.

It’s estimated that more than 200,000 tonnes of chicken meat will leave SA each year by 2020, making the chicken industry both South Australia’s biggest exporter of meat and a massive contributor to the State’s economy.

The Regional Development Fund (RDF) drives economic growth through grants to boost investment in regional infrastructure and the creation of jobs in South Australia.

According to independent analysis, projects awarded grants through Round 1 and 2 of the RDF created over 2000 regional jobs and contributed around $930 million to the South Australian economy in 2015-16.

This project supports the State Government’s economic priorities of ‘Premium food and wine produced in our clean environment and exported to the world’ and ‘South Australia – the best place to do business’.

Quotes attributable to Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock

This is an important project for the Murray Mallee community, as it will create eleven new jobs, including five ongoing full time positions once construction is complete.

The chicken meat industry is vital to South Australia’s economy. It is responsible already for thousands of jobs, including 2700 in northern Adelaide poultry processing plants alone.

By 2020 industry expansion will add another 850 new jobs, and a further 700 construction jobs.

Quotes attributable to Chat Hill Pty Ltd Director Craig Skinner

A new farm like Chat Hill represents a long-term commitment to economic activity to the regions and South Australia. This farm will be a boost for the region, and we’re grateful to the State Government for this grant – it will allow us to get the farm up and running much faster.

Each new farm like this is an intensive and very recognisable long-term employer in the regions. It will also be a boost for the northern Adelaide suburbs by increasing production to chicken processing plants in the area.

In addition to the initial construction jobs and the ongoing on-site jobs, the farm will support around 30 jobs in the local community.

This project is important to South Australia, and will consolidate the state’s emergence as a large chicken meat producer. We grow to Ingham’s and the RSPCA’s requirements – the highest possible standards.