An Affordable Place to Live

The Government will continue to keep our State an affordable place to live. We have been working hard to help families who are struggling with cost of living pressures. We are also undertaking other initiatives including improving access to affordable transport and addressing housing affordability.

Homes for Homes

The State Government will provide funds to deliver a Homes for Homes (H4H) initiative in South Australia, which involves property developers being invited to donate a portion of a property transaction for reinvestment in affordable housing.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P115


Completed. The H4H initiative was launched on 25 September 2015. The following 12 months sought to build on the successful launch of H4H through the continued marketing of the scheme in South Australia by The Big Issue.

Energy concessions

Increase in the maximum energy concession from $844 to $894 from 1 July 2014.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P108 and Media Release, 11 March 2014


Completed. Increases commenced on 1 July 2014.

Essential service concesssions

We will provide $185 million in water and sewerage concessions over four years.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 117



Good Money Store

Support the establishment of a Good Money Store in metropolitan Adelaide and supporting initiatives including the Debt Deduct program and the coordination of Microfinance products in South Australia.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 109


Completed. In partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance and the National Australia Bank, the Good Money Store shopfront location opened in Salisbury in July 2015 and the debt deduct program is now operational.

Affordable water

Labor will guarantee that the price of water will not increase any more than normal CPI during the next two years.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 117



Utilities Literacy

Roll out the Utilities Literacy Program to help households manage their utility usage and debt, including energy.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 109


Completed. In 2016-17 2,843 people received Utility Literacy training.

Charter of Affordability

Expand the Charter of Affordability so government, business and the community are working together to support struggling families.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 109


Completed. The Charter of affordability was launched on 14 January 2014 with 20 initial signatories across the business, State and Local Government and community services sector. The number of signatories has increased to 28 with the Government continuing to seek more signatories.

Affordable energy in the Outback

Introduce reforms to ensure remote communities will pay about the same price as customers connected to the grid. A new pricing structure for the Remote Areas Energy Scheme will be introduced from 1 July 2014.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 157

Motor registration premiums

Keep motor registration premiums under review to find ways to reduce the burden on families.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 115


Premium prices will remain fixed for the first three years with CPI like increases and governed by an industry specific CTP Regulator to ensure motorists are protected under CTP reforms.

Concession reform

Provide a lump sum concession payment from July 2015 to give eligible concession holders more control over their finances.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 109


Completed. More than 182,000 low-income South Australian households received a Cost of Living Concession payment in 2015-16. The payment replaces the council rates concession for homeowner-occupiers and is a new payment for tenants. Eligible homeowner-occupiers can receive up to $200 and tenants can receive $100 per annum.


Expand the Community Foodbank program to Edwardstown, Elizabeth and Port Pirie.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 109


Completed. A Service Agreement has been executed with Foodbank SA. Foodbank has established food hubs in Edwardstown (May 2014), Port Pirie (June 2015) and Elizabeth (July 2015).

The Foodbank Hunger Report was launched on 1 June 2016.

Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme

Continue the expanded scheme which provides extra payments, on top of concessions, to people facing utility debt.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 109


Completed. The Scheme continues to operate.

Concession review

Conduct a review of the pensioner concession applied in respect of local government rates, to be concluded before flexible concession initiative is introduced on 1 July 2015.
Source: Agreement with the Member for Frome


Completed. The State Government has replaced the pensioner concession on Local Government rates with a new Cost of Living Concession which commenced on 1 July 2015.

Consumer credit legal service

Establish a Consumer Credit Legal Service to help citizens pursue their rights in relation to banking, credit and debt related matters.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 111


Completed. Service launched on 9 October 2014.

Kitchen Garden participation

Double the number of schools participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens program to 82 by early 2015.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 113


More children are able to benefit from The Kitchen Garden educational program. Children experience hands-on learning about the environment and healthy eating habits that they can take beyond the classroom into later life.

Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs strategy

Between 2014 and 2018, the Government will build an additional 5,200 new houses to give people an affordable and safe place to live. This will include affordable housing for people on low to moderate incomes as well as social housing for people in need.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 115 and Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs Media Release 29 June 2015


Renewal SA facilitates the delivery of new houses in the following ways:
- 1,000 new houses in 1,000 days
- Newly built homes directly funded by either the South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) or Renewal SA (ie SAHT new build program, Woodville West)
- Development works to create new housing allotments for private owners or developers to construct new homes on (ie Bowden, Lightsview, Playford Alive)
- Release of residential land for development by others (ie Glenside, Fort Largs, Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs Program).

Since 2014, Renewal SA has directly built around 556 dwellings and delivered 1,197 new housing allotments. The forecast for 2016 to 2018 is a further 1,000 new dwellings and a further 1,051 new housing allotments. The total new housing outcomes delivered over the five year period will be in the order of 3,804. This includes a mix of affordable homes, social homes and private market homes.

In addition to this, the Renewal SA Prospectus, issued in 2016, detailed a land release program that will deliver 3,036 residential allotments once fully delivered.

The total new dwellings delivered from all three programs will be 6,840.

Well-designed housing - design centre

Establish a new architecture and design centre to promote high standards of design and development.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 6, P 3


28 Leigh Street has been designed to host Architecture and Built Environment, Investment Management, DAC meetings, Design Review, Pre-lodgement services as well as exhibition and engagement spaces. Broader planning to program Leigh Street as a public space for the promotion of design, and architecture is underway.

Well-designed housing guidelines

Develop guidelines with industry and the community to influence the new housing being built in Adelaide and its inner suburbs.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 6, P 10


Draft Residential Design Guidelines are expected to be available for consultation with relevant industry groups in early May 2017, and for broader community consultation shortly after that. It is anticipated that the Residential Design Guidelines will be finalised in mid 2017.

Solar hot water scheme

Oversee the installation of solar hot water heaters in more than 1,000 Housing SA properties around the state. This includes replacing around 100 LPG hot water heaters in public housing properties in regional areas such as Murray Bridge, Jamestown and Strathalbyn.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 116


Installation of solar hot water systems across metropolitan and regional locations continues. As at December 2016, 1,000 solar hot water systems had been installed.

Social housing solar trial

The use of solar panels on social housing to reduce electricity costs will expand to more than 5,000 homes, following a successful pilot.
Source: Let's Keep Building  South Australia, P 109


The South Australian Housing Trust Board approved the tender for local solar providers to install up to 200 solar PV systems on newly built Housing Trust properties across the State. This was recently expanded with a further 200 systems to be installed on existing Housing Trust properties in the Adelaide City Council to contribute to a Carbon Neutral Adelaide. Three solar companies have been jointly awarded the contract – Cool or Cosy, Suntrix and Zen Energy. The 400 solar PV systems are expected to be installed by June 2017.

Managing water bills

Work with SA Water to promote more flexible ways for customers to manage their water bill usage and payments throughout the year.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 110


SA Water is delivering a project to provide customers with electronic communications and an electronic payment scheme. The project, which includes a customer self-help portal, is planned to go live in the first half of 2017.

New ideas for Growth initiative

The Government will transfer up to 1,000 social housing properties to the community housing sector by 2015 and up to 4,000 further properties through the New Ideas for Growth initiative.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 115


Approximately 1,100 properties in Elizabeth Grove and parts of Elizabeth Vale and Mitchell Park transferred to AnglicareSA and Junction Australia in 2015. More than 4,000 public housing dwellings were transferred during 2016 under Renewal SA’s Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs (‘ROSAS’) program.

Adjudication of consumer disputes

Expand the remit of the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT).
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 117


Following the establishment of SACAT, the expansion of its jurisdiction has continued in tranches. SACAT now hears matters previously heard by the Residential Tenancies Tribunal, and the Guardianship Board, along with some other minor jurisdictions. However, no further work is being conducted surrounding future jurisdictions to be transferred into SACAT.

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