Vibrant City

We have invested in a modern, vibrant city where more people want to live, learn, work, do business, visit and raise a family. A major investment in new and upgraded infrastructure and progressive planning reforms are revitalising the city. We are making Adelaide one of the world’s greatest cities - recognised internationally.

Tasting Australia

Provide extra funding for Tasting Australia to become an annual event.
Source: Media Release, 4 May 2014


Funds provided for in the 2015-16 State Budget. The first of the annualised Tasting Australia's was held in May 2016. The next event will be held from 30 April to 7 May 2016.

Attracting events

The Government will pursue other events of international significance that create greater awareness of a state that has opened its mind and heart to the world.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2015


The South Australian Government has committed an additional $10 million over two years for the Major Leisure Events Bid Fund to attract international and national events along with an additional $5 million over two years to secure more national and international business conventions and meetings in Adelaide. Another $5 million has also been committed for 2016-17 for 2 years.

Investing in events

The Government will increase its investment in events, to further expand the program of activities that has energised our city.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2015


EventsSA received additional funding in the 2016-17 State Budget.

Premium food and wine

Commit $1.5 million over four years to building South Australia’s premium food and wine credentials.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, Page 29


Funding of $1.5 million is committed over four years to build South Australia’s premium food and wine credentials. To date, actvities delivered include:
- Establishing a grant program for the South Australian food and beverage sector.
- Working closely with Brand South Australia to develop strategies, initiatives and marketing collateral to raise awareness and increase State Brand registrations within the food and beverage industry. 
- Establishing the Statement of Recognition program for the South Australian seafood sector to assist with establishing new international markets.
- Contribution to activities associated with Adelaide, South Australia's membership of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.
- Research of market opportunities and linked promotion associated with South Australia's moratorium of Non-Genetically Modified food crops.

Adelaide Fashion Festival

In 2015, the Government will bring the Adelaide Fashion Festival into the city centre, with a satellite event to remain on Norwood’s Parade. We want to create a dramatic event that will capture the world’s imagination.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2015


The 2016 Adelaide Fashion Festival was held from 19 to 23 October 2016. The four day festival showcased both established and up-and-coming South Australian designers. The festival is committed to developing the local fashion industry and growing the international focus; in particular with Asia through collaboration with South Australia’s friends in China, our Sister State Shandong and Sister City Qingdao. The festival included nightly runway shows, workshops and design markets.

International student attraction

Change the role of Education Adelaide to focus on destination marketing and align it with other State marketing activity, including Brand SA, tourism and migration to continue to encourage more students to live and study in Adelaide.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 33


Education Adelaide is implementing its new strategic plan to support the implementation of the South Australian International Student Strategy (Destination Adelaide) for positioning South Australia as a leader in delivering quality, globally competitive education. As part of this, the Education Adelaide regulations have been changed to focus the corporations objects on destination marketing and improving the student experience.  This included changing the name to Study Adelaide to better reflect its focus. Study Adelaide's overseas marketing activity is now aligned with the Investment and Trade outbound and inbound missions calendar.

Renew Adelaide

Provide $400,000 over four years to Renew Adelaide.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 143


Completed. The State Government has provided $100,000 each year to Renew Adelaide commencing in 2014-15. The ongoing funding supports vibrancy of the city and creates opportunity by assisting start-up artistic and creative enterprises.

In addition to the committed $400,000, the 2016-17 State budget also included an additional $860,000 to further support Renew Adelaide over a period of three years.

Development Assessment reforms

The State Government will expand the pre-lodgement, design review and assessment by the Development Assessment Commission for developments five storeys or above in the newly zoned areas.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 6, P 10


Regulations introduced and pre-lodgement design review process is operational.

Attracting tourism

The Government will embark on an aggressive campaign to market our State as a unique and attractive destination for tourists.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2015


In 2016-17, Adelaide and South Australia’s key regional experiences have been promoted in key markets nationally through a new South Australian global campaign to be featured on television and online. Internationally, a global campaign will be undertaken using a new, purpose shot state advertising asset showcasing the very best of South Australia. In addition, a range of cooperative marketing activities with travel trade partners and airlines will be conducted in key international markets to reach wider audiences and grow consumer demand for South Australia.

The SATC continued to market South Australia as a tourist destination both domestically & internationally. In 2016-17, domestically, a major partnership with Fairfax Media and Virgin Australia was undertaken. The State’s five touring routes were promoted domestically and will be continued to be promoted in 2016-17 to grow the drive holiday sector. Internationally, significant marketing activity took place in China, India, Malaysia and Singapore along with marketing increases in our traditional markets of the US, UK and New Zealand.

More usable open spaces

Work with local councils to upgrade public spaces and streetscapes to create more attractive, safe and usable outdoor areas to support more people living in Adelaide's inner city suburbs.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 6, P 4


The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill 2015 which has been passed in Parliament includes design standards for the public realm and infrastructure.

The P&D Fund continues to support urban design studies and masterplans as well as subsequent capital works programs. Recently this has included $1.34 million for the Hindley Street West Redevelopment in the City and $2 million for the Henley Square Redevelopment at Henley Beach.

The Local Government Stimulus Program has also provided $7.5 million to local government for 104 community infrastructure projects across the State, creating 600 additional jobs over the life of the projects.

Adelaide Green Zone

The Government will establish a carbon neutral “Adelaide Green Zone” – to make it the world’s first carbon neutral city.
Source: Governor's speech to Parliament, February 2016


The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan was jointly launched by the Premier and the Lord Mayor on 8 November 2016. Following the announcement of the University of Adelaide as a founding partner of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program, discussions with stakeholders for partner recruitment is ongoing. Installation of Solar PV on 200 housing trust homes in the city is underway and on-ground works for the Railway Station to Market laneways revival, including significant greening, is due to start at the end of March. The Sustainability Incentive Scheme, managed by Adelaide City Council continues to be well subscribed.

Vibrant Cities Grant

Deliver Vibrant Cities Grant (one-off round) to help creative entrepreneurs overcome compliance hurdles to occupy disused building spaces.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 143


The Vibrant Cities Grant is known as the City Makers Grant. It is being rolled out through a series of rounds. So far 37 grants have been issued.

Safe City

Improve safety on Adelaide's streets by establishing a well-lit, safe corridor for pedestrians, leading from the newly-redeveloped Adelaide Oval, Riverbank Precinct and Adelaide Railway Station, through Adelaide's vibrant laneways to the famous Central Market, Victoria Square and Gouger Street restaurant precinct.
Source: Building a Stronger South Australia, No 12, P 8


The State Government and Adelaide City Council have announced a joint investment of $14.6 million to transform the network of small streets and laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and the Riverbank. The 2016-17 State Budget includes $7.3 million towards the project, with the Adelaide City Council contributing the same amount in partnership.


Support the JamFactory to find new markets for innovative furniture and exhibition pieces designed and made in South Australia.
Source: Media Release, 28 February 2014


The JamFactory supports and promotes design and craftsmanship in South Australia. Additional funding provided to JamFactory has enabled the establishment of a major new biennial Australian Furniture Design Award, the development and promotion of a new furniture collection supporting local manufacturing, and the presentation of a new on-going series of exhibitions aimed at nurturing collectors of contemporary craft and design.


Assist History SA to develop its ADELAIDIA App, including expansion and marketing.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 144


The ADELAIDIA App is available from the app store on iTunes, and google play.
Work on the app continued with an increase in the number of new sites and dates.
- 730 sites / entries to explore
- 1,144 key historical dates
- 1,944 historical photographs
- 1,968 app downloads. 
The associated website has had 64,392 visitors and 112,185 page views over the past 12 months, representing 43% growth rate in website visitation for the period May 2015 to May 2016.

Touring exhibitions

Support the SA Museum to create space for major touring exhibitions.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 139


The South Australian Museum is examining opportunities for a staggered approach to the redevelopment of its public spaces.

Museum of SA's social democracy

Establish a museum of South Australia's social democracy.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 139


Design work for both the exhibition and related signage is at detailed development stage. Research is advanced, and content is being drafted. Significant historical items from the collections of the History Trust and the State Library, as well as other South Australian state and private collections, have been identified, and loan negotiations where relevant have commenced. It is anticipated to open by mid 2017.

Convention Centre expansion

Build the second stage of the Adelaide Convention Centre expansion, including new 3,500 seat, multi-purpose Plenary Building.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 139


Construction works on Stage 2 of the Adelaide Convention Centre redevelopment are progressing well and its prominent position on the Riverbank is taking shape.

Adelaide Festival Plaza

Invest $46.5 million on the site including the lease of 400 car park bays at a cost of $30 million over 30 years. Upgrade the entrance and lobby of the Adelaide Festival Centre.
Source: Let's Keep Building South Australia, P 141

Parkland activation

Deliver $20 million over four years to reinvigorate the parklands.
Source: Media Release, 10 March 2014 and Building a Stronger South Australia, No 8, P 6


Detailed design development is underway for Pityarilla (Park 19). The Rymill Park and City Skate Park projects are currently in the concept design stage. It is anticipated that the cost of capital works for Rymill Park and City Skate Park will be approximately $7 million, in addition to the $200,000 already granted to ACC for the initial scoping of the projects. $4.06 million has been provided to Renewal SA for Riverbank Precincts (in 2014-15 and 2015-16) for a range of projects and activation events including lighting, public art, wayfinding signage, information kiosks, digital media and a connectivity study. A cycling project will be undertaken in conjunction with ACC to improve access through and connections to the Park Lands. The State Government will contribute $4 million towards this project (which has already been announced). A contractor is expected to be appointed for the Park 19 project in May 2017 and construction is expected to be complete by November 2017. Concept design of the Rymill Park project and a scoping study of the Skate Park project are both expected to be completed by June 2017. 

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