Video transcript

Exciting music starts playing in background.

Moving imagery plays throughout the video. This shows South Australian scenes described in the transcript and the South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall.

Steven Marshall: Exciting things are happening in South Australia. In challenging times we're sticking to our strong plan, which is already delivering more jobs, lower costs and better services.

News reports: Government spending on infrastructure projects will create more jobs and improve road safety.

The government is out in force today announcing infrastructure pledges in our regions are signed and sealed.

Steven Marshall: Thousands of jobs have been created, in fact we've got 13,000 more people employed in apprenticeships and traineeships already.

News report: The Premier is delivering on an election promise to fund more than 20,000 view apprenticeships and traineeships over four years.

Steven Marshall: And we've unlocked these exciting job opportunities in future industries like Space.

News reports: Adelaide has won Australia's space race… with the headquarters of Australia's space agency officially opening in Adelaide.

It's a decision that said to send our state into orbit.

People being interviewed: I love space. From a young age space has been like a 'wow' topic for me.

It would just be amazing to be a part of the space agency happening here and all of the start-ups over at Lot 14, it's really exciting stuff.

Steven Marshall: Costs are lower for households and businesses thanks to cheaper ESL bills.

News report: Significant bill relief with the Emergency Services Levy slashed by half.

Steven Marshall: Cheaper energy bills.

News reports: Power bills look set to drop for South Australians.

Some much-needed hip pocket relief, with power bills set to drop this year.

Steven Marshall: And no more payroll tax for small businesses

News report: Steven Marshall's cuts to payroll tax are designed to spark jobs growth and save businesses thousands of dollars each year.

Steven Marshall: We're putting your health, and the help of your family, first. We're upgrading hospitals.

News reports: Major construction work has started on a multi-million dollar rebuild of Modbury Hospital.

The Repat hospital has finally reopened.

The State Government will spend nearly 40 million dollars on reviving and improving services at the Repat hospital.

More than 80 million dollars is being spent to tackle dangerous hospital overcrowding in Adelaide's south.

Steven Marshall: We've added more beds and there are now more doctors and nurses so that you get the care you need, closer to home.

News reports: Much needed mental health beds will open at Lyell McEwin Hospital.

The emergency department expansion was quickly built over the last 12 weeks in time for the peak flu season.

Here are those rooms with brand new beds and equipment ready to be reopened.

Steven Marshall: And we're caring for our environment in practical ways, leading the nation on tackling climate change so that South Australia remains a great place for all of us, our kids and their kids too.

We're delivering our Strong Plans so that you your family, your friends and visitors can enjoy this wonderful state

News reports: The Myponga reservoir has become the first in the state to be open to the public.

South Australians can now fish, paddle and ride at the South Para Reservoir.

Steven Marshall: We've done a lot. There's more to be done and we're getting on with it.

Background music ends with title slide "Delivering for South Australians".