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Jay Weatherill MP



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Jay Weatherill is South Australia’s 45th Premier.

Jay was born and educated in Adelaide’s western suburbs, completing his secondary education at Henley High School.

He is a lawyer with an economics degree. He established his  own law firm in 1995 and practised until he was elected as the Member for Cheltenham in 2002. Jay was subsequently re-elected as Member for Cheltenham in 2006, 2010 and 2014.

He has previously held a range of senior Cabinet portfolios including Education, Early Childhood Development, Environment & Conservation, Aboriginal Affairs & Reconciliation, Minister Assisting the Premier in Cabinet Business & Public Sector Management, Families & Communities, Housing, Ageing, Disability, Urban Development & Planning, Administrative Services, Local Government and Gambling.

Jay held additional portfolio responsibilities including Treasury, from January 2013 until the March 2014 election. Following the successful 2014 election, he was sworn in as Premier of South Australia on 26 March 2014.

Jay and his wife Melissa have two young daughters, Lucinda and Alice.



John Rau MP
  • Deputy Premier
  • Attorney-General
  • Minister for Justice Reform
  • Minister for Planning
  • Minister for Housing and Urban Development
  • Minister for Industrial Relations
  • Minister for Child Protection Reform
gail-gago Gail Gago MLC
  • Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills
  • Minister for Science and Information Economy
  • Minister for the Status of Women
  • Minister for Business Services and Consumers



Jack Snelling MP
  • Minister for Health
  • Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Minister for the Arts
  • Minister for Health Industries


Tom Koutsantonis MP
  • Treasurer
  • Minister for Finance
  • Minister for State Development
  • Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy
  • Minister for Small Business


Hon Ian Hunter MLC Ian Hunter MLC
  • Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation
  • Minister for Water and the River Murray
  • Minister for Climate Change
tony-piccolo-sm Tony Piccolo MP
  • Minister for Disabilities
  • Minister for Police
  • Minister for Correctional Services
  • Minister for Emergency Services
  • Minister for Road Safety
Leon Bignell Leon Bignell MP
  • Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
  • Minister for Forests
  • Minister for Tourism
  • Minister for Recreation and Sport
  • Minister for Racing
Marti-Hamilton-Smithsm Martin Hamilton-Smith MP
  • Minister for Investment and Trade
  • Minister for Defence Industries
  • Minister for Veterans’ Affairs

Geoff Brock MP
  • Minister for Regional Development
  • Minister for Local Government


zoe-bettison Zoe Bettison MP
  • Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion
  • Minister for Social Housing
  • Minister for Multicultural Affairs
  • Minister for Ageing
  • Minister for Youth
  • Minister for Volunteers
Hon Susan Close Susan Close MP
  • Minister for Education and Child Development
  • Minister for the Public Sector



Stephen Mullighan MP
  • Minister for Transport and Infrastructure
  • Minister Assisting the Minister for Planning
  • Minister Assisting the Minister for Housing and Urban Development


  Kyam Maher MLC
  • Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation
  • Minister for Automotive Transformation
  • Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation